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Alright so… I’m distraught as all get out by the surprise twist that turned into another surprise twist with a knife right through the freaking heart.

Anyone else?

When that plot twist was revealed, it felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. :sob: :sob: :sob:

Lover in the future lover in the past? :disappointed_relieved:

I was so freaking happy with the whole thing until that last twist.

Gutted me.

Between Elizabeth and Jade I can’t deal

They better find a way to bring them back once they leave is all i have to say

Either bring them back or MC goes to the past.

I almost couldn’t read that update my heart is still reeling from Jade/Eveline

Anyone else hoping that the machine’s stone breaks and they are forced to stay? My heart can’t take the twist.

That or they will go back and figure out how to fix the stone. Something other than them leaving and that being the end of it.

Can’t happen dangit so they gotta give us something.

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Why can’t they look for a similar stone in the present?!? Wouldn’t that be the logical thing to do?!?

It was explained it’s extremely rare and if I remember correctly they got it from royalty

Elizabeth/Nicholas found the stone embedded in Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur, while on a Royal expedition looking for proof that King Arthur and Excalibur existed. Elizabeth/Nicholas believed it was a meteorite as, upon inspection, it was discovered that the stone was comprised of elements not found on Earth. So it’s kind of like the Time Stone from the MCU.