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Nicholas Is Back!

I am so excited to see our time traveler back. It seemed like he would never come back for a while there, but there he was in the update!

Who else did you notice came back? I may not already be matched with them.

Also, I’m still waiting with bated breath for Dr. Vile and Garrett/Rory to come back. Dr. Vile needs to make it up to the MC for the way he left. And I mean, he did explain before his disappearance, but I think some steamy dates need to be had. And I just want a happily ever after with Garett :pleading_face:

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It’s really encouraging to see a variety of matches coming back. I always enjoy the moment of reunion but I also wish MC was excited to see them the same way I am. :sweat_smile::cheese:

I might actually cheer out loud when Vile comes back. Hands down one of the most interesting stories and I liked how the decisions you made early on impacted the cliffhanger at the end.

Nicholas was a nice surprise. They even brought up the fertilizer again. :rofl:

You mean Elizabeth is back :wink:


Right! Can’t forget the Time Princess.

I’m slowly working my way back through Ingrid and Elizabeth since reinstallling after accidentally matching with Antoine, Nina is practically hard to match with even VIP