Nick is back baby!

I didn’t expect to be this excited. From what I’ve seen, it looks like they added another seasonal match this year as well.

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I have never been so happy to be wrong lol. I didn’t think he would be back!!

I was hoping he would and I’ve been thinking about the “Veil opening” since the beginning of November :joy:

And their gone…

Now all I need is the Valentines one and the April’s Fools one. (Hopefully those both come back in 2022)

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I really wish dates/live action scenes could be replayed. That had me in stitches. Lol.

Same! It would be nice to be able to replay them with whatever choices we made

It would suck if they didn’t bring back Theo. They left us on kind of a cliffhanger last time

Or pay gems to make alternative choices to see how they play out

I matched with both but I really didn’t like Nick from last year so they go to the back burner, I was hoping for a female Santa’s helper

That would be pretty cool. I’m kind of digging that they brought a Krampus character though. I wasn’t expecting them to, but your right though they had a male Halloween Halloween as opposed to having more for Hazel from what I hear, so it would be only right to have a girl this year

The favoritism towards the male characters us obvious so there’s not much to do about it :man_shrugging:

Yeah it is. I’m into dudes so I didn’t notice as much at first, but even I can see that they don’t cater to the female stories as much.

There’s some guys I read for the plot only Wyatt, Daniel, Skylar,William and Damien and only spend diamonds on the females

That’s funny I do the same thing but for the girls lol

Some of the female stories are really good like Felicia, Sage, Jade

A thing that caught my eye during the last few conversations was that I was suddenly adressed as they and them. I am a she/her so it feels rather strange. I wish Lovelink would let me decide for myself how I would like to be addressed by my Love interests just like respect them. For me it is so unusual that I have to read most of it twice to figure out who they refer to.