Nick Klaus

Hello! I’ve been playing Lovelink for a while. Although I do prefer the women of Lovelink, (Jasmin, Milena I miss u smmm bbys) I tried to swipe on Nick back on the 8th of December when he first appeared for me. I’m well aware it takes a few tries and/or their stories aren’t created or finished yet. I noticed he didn’t appear again until today and he did so with a timer. I first thought it was until he was available for the season so I was going to hold off swiping right on him until the 7 hours were up. A few minutes later I thought better and swiped on him and matched.

So my question is, could the people who have been waiting or trying for him have possibly missed him permanently if they didn’t get the match in the batch? (Hah) For a little longer than a week he hadn’t shown up in my pool of people at all, everytime I’d check randomly or check while getting the 15 gems from the notifs.

Do I have this all wrong? If not, I don’t really understand the purpose of a timer on a seasonal character. (Or maybe any of the matches.) I feel like it takes away some of the fun and point of the game. When we matched I was just like “:confused:” because I feel kinda eh that others may miss out on someone that’s only coming once a year. It’s about 2 am here for me so if I didn’t randomly check I would have missed it too, idk lmao, I was just wondering and wanted to voice my thoughts.

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I’m sure everyone will get a fair chance to match with him as long as they check the app within the correct timescale. Like, if they ignore the app again until next Halloween they’ll miss Nick entirely (although they’ll get a chance to gave their soul stolen by Hazel again).

What do you think of Nick’s character/story so far? I like the idea of being on the naughty list, but I’m not a very chrismassy person and HATE his tacky jumper :laughing:.

I’d rather get Emmalyn back for Xmas. I might not be very festive but I would love to unwrap her on Xmas morning :heart_eyes:.

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I’m fairly certain the only ones that could have missed him are ones that matched with him and didn’t message him within like 24 hours after actually matching with him. Side note I’ve noticed EVERY match has a 24 hour countdown timer to message them if you keep swiping without messaging them immediately after matching with them. If you don’t match with someone because it’s not possible to match with them yet the count down timer does NOT start. It only starts after matching with them and only if you don’t message them right away after matching. That’s what I’ve noticed at least. Also how I got Nick back again and finally matched was I waited multiple times until I had the maximum amount of profiles to swipe through. I’d originally swiped right like 2-3 times on him before he was actually available.Another side note I’d matched with the Halloween season character in like the middle of November so I’m sure people will likely still have a chance at Nick even in January and later.

Ah, okay I get you! :smile: Omg Hazel… what a roller coaster lmfao! I actually haven’t gotten too far into his story but I am now as we speak going through it. I think we jump in really quickly with the flirting tbh, since he’s suppossed to be the total innocent Santa’s bby boy hahah. I would’ve loooved a little slow burn… :two_hearts:. Although… please don’t hate me I am all for tacky Xmas sweaters and festive activities! :laughing:

But ahhh, hahaha omgg, according to Nick that is definite naughty behavior. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Although I am right there with you, I loved Emmalyn’s story and her design she’s so dang precious and adorable! My favorite girl is Milena lemme tell you… that ending to her convo had me :sob: :scream: :sob: hahaha. Thank you for replying to me! Btw, I wanted to ask, have you seen other matches that had timers while in the pool? Nick is the first one I’ve seen.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply! I’m going to attach a screenshot of what I meant by timer because I think we maaay be talking about different timers? I have definitely seen the timer I think you’re speaking about when you match with them at first, it’s 24 hours I believe and it accompanies their little circle profile pic at the top. The timer I meant was the first I’ve seen of that was on a match in the possible match pool while you swipe.
Also we think the same! I also waited until I was sure there were many matches to go through haha. I didn’t know Hazel was left in the batch for so long either, that makes me feel better about this seasonal character possibly being available for everyone so thank you so much for letting me know. :smile:

I’ve only seen the timer when you match with someone but don’t chat with them straight away.

I hadn’t noticed Nick’s timer. I guess it’s just to denote the seasonal nature of the character so yeah, if you don’t swipe right before the timer runs down, you’ll miss out.

Nick’s just gone grey on me. You don’t even get 12 days of Xmas from him. What a swizz!

I know. He went grey on me too. :confused: I thought there might be a little more content considering he’s the festive character.

My origional question here was… would we have to wait a whole year for his story to continue? :scream:

But nevermind… he just came back!!:grin:

Hazel was also a seasonal character who’s story is incomplete yet unknown if we’ll have to wait an entire year for her to return, so I’m not sure if Nick’s will also suffer the same fate. Characters going offline then coming back is a mechanic used for all characters, but Nick will most likely grey out with the story seeming incomplete at some point. I haven’t reached it just yet since I’m not that interested in catching up with characters at the moment – currently distracted with other games.

i still have yet to match with him at all, i’m assuming i’ve missed the chance, because i keep getting the same three profiles in rotation :expressionless:

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It’s been like 4 days since the update to bring us Nick Claus and he still hasn’t appeared for me and so many others? Will he ever? What is the point of making it so difficult to match with characters that are only around for a limited amount of time?


Annnnnd as soon as I post this he shows up. I see you Ludia! :rofl: :joy:

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I was wondering the same thing myself. I’m sorry it’s been a struggle for you. Now I do get it is a game but it’s a game with very limited options on how to play. The whole point, pretty sure the only point haha, is to ‘talk’ with matches. It doesn’t make sense to me to make the only thing you can do hard to do. I mainly play on pc, an I thought Lovelink could pass a little time, but what’s goin on with it is a liiiittle silly to me lol…

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I agree, it really doesn’t make sense for it to be so difficult to talk to a limited time character considering pretty much everyone is starving for content as the bulk of our matches are greyed out and others that we may be interested in aren’t available to match with. Sigh.

I swiped :blue_heart: on Nick but didn’t match. I guess its because, at the time, he wasn’t available, but now, I only see him as a character story you buy with people money or gems. Am I the only one or has anybody else seen/heard of this???

I think what your looking at is the promo package deal for gems using his pic… it’s not to buy his story… all matches are free.

I haven’t seen anything like that either, I agree I think you may just be seeing the promotional ad for the seasonal deal on gems. :blush: It doesn’t get you stories the only thing you get is the amount of gems in the promo.

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Ahhhhh! That makes sense lol thanks peeps :blush:

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Hazel said, and I quote; “it will taketh another year for the veil to grow thin once more.”

So yeah, we almost certainly ain’t getting a Hazel return before next Oct.

Nick wasn’t all that interesting anyway. It’s kinda whirlwind too, like they just jump straight in at very saucy flirting, which is fine. I just couldn’t imagine being that way with anyone in a Xmas jumper, that just reminds me of my dad. Ew!

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I unmatched with Nick, it wasn’t worth mining diamonds off of him for me after the first level up. I imagine we wouldn’t see seasonal characters for a whole year either, but there’d also be a chance I wouldn’t remember much of what was going on if I had to wait a whole year either. I remember the overall, major plot of it all but not the little details. I haven’t really been keeping up with the matches though anyway, to be honest.

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