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Nicknames for Dino’s?

I wish we could give nicknames to our Dinos. I know this would have zero impact on gameplay, but it would be awesome in my little tongue-tied world! :joy:


Dino nicknames would be pretty fun. I already know what I’m going to name my Utasinoraptor. Hollow Knight!


I have nicknames for all my team members. I’d LOVE to have an official in-game way to name them.


DC would be sewer rat.


Yes, that’s a great idea

Yeah then players can name there rats all maxxed boosts

I don’t mind the idea providing only that player sees it. I don’t want to face Dino McDinoface in the Arena when it’s a T Rex.

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Agreed! I play with 4 people in my family and we are always trying to remember who came up with what nickname. Just for personal use. :+1:

Lol that name is funny :joy:. Well there could be much worse.

And I usually get ready for the next dino by seeing the name before it comes out, and that would screw me up.

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Definitely would name my Kapro “Lil’ Kapro”, Erlidom “Domi” & Carnotarkus “Moo Moo”.


That sounds awfully similar to NostratMcFluffFace. Maybe their twins?

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I would even be fine with just seeing the real names on the screen underneath the cards. They could then go even a step further and put the current stats under that, like JWA Field Guide has it.

The nicknames could be put on the stat card. The real names (ex T.Rex) would show when it enters, so as to not confuse new players, but whoever checks the stats could have a laugh if they see the nicks.


Procerathomimus would have many.
Christmas Rat
Ugly Christmas sweater
Broken bad bird
He who brings shame to Yoshi’s name (probably too long)
Rat mimic
Rat bird


If you’re reading this devs, please make this true!

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Yup. I want it, but I don’t mind if it’s onlt for you to see, but if it’s for everyone, it should be like this:

(King Utah)


I would call my team:

Thunder (Thoradolosaur)
Lockwood (Indoraptor)
King Raptor (Utahsinoraptor)
Casino Dino (Allosinosaurus)
Enemy Tragedy (Tragodistis)
The Roofed God (Stegodeus)
My 8th slot always rotates, usually between:

Park Destroyer (Indomimus Rex)
Sewer Rat (Dracoceratops)
Purple Knife (Spinotasuchus)
Zombie (Tryostronix)
I want to use thylacotator, and idk what to call him XD

I don’t have nicks for all my dinos, but “Green Meanie” and “Lil’ George” are on my team.

Ok I mostly disagree with everything said about ProceWrathomimus, but ”He who brings shame to Yoshi’s name" is hilarious :sweat_smile:

“Kitty on 'roids”

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