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Nicolas question

Has anyone none-VIP matched with him yet?
(I’m assuming most if not all VIPs who wanted to have been able to .)

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I’ve seen some non vip players on reddit and tumblr who have, but I’ve also seen some players who hasn’t been able to match neither with him nor Dr. Vile. :confused:

I don’t have VIP and I matched with him.
I waited the time it said on his picture, swiped right, and matched!
I’m glad too; his story was something I was excited about since I love sci-fi. He’s offline for me atm but I look forward to see how his story unfolds from here on out.

It’s just totally confusing … all that I keep getting is the clock that counts down to zero then re-sets, has done for days now… I was beginning to think it pre-warned of a match returning (or potential match if you’ve not matched with original character’s) been as how Antoine and Rose came back but nothing, narda, zilch, zero has happened.

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Same!! I think this is a bug with some of the players, now I’m waiting for the next update or the next addition of a new character. :confused:

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Have any of you two - @Mel_Leanbh and @Lunamay - tried having Nicolas on top of your pile of profiles you swipe, wait, then when the time is out swipe right?
That’s what I did. As soon as I encountered him in the pile of profiles, I kept him at the top and waited till the clock ticked down. Once it did, I swiped right as soon as possible and matched with him. Now granted, I have heard that some people have done that and still didn’t match but imho it is still worth a shot. Perhaps if you don’t match with him, you then have to wait again till the next time you can try the same - and maybe VIP is there so that you won’t have to worry about that…? If that makes sense.

I would keep trying. You never know :woman_shrugging:

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The timer on the clock ran out, he appeared in my pile, I got excited and swiped right… He didnt match!.. Now I’m beginning to suspect he’s just playing hard to get!

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He wasn’t showing for me, so I couldn’t let him on top of my pile of profiles :confused: now his countdown finished and he finally appeared and I could match, however the problem still with the Dr, haha. Well, at least Nicholas’ countdown is over.

So guess I’m not going to be able to match with Nicolas, he appeared once in the match pile and haven’t seen him since… I still have the countdown clock ticking away minutes of my life with his blurred out pic and also have a lot less gems because I’m using them to swipe 10 profiles at a time looking for him, but heyho it’s only money and time wasted, no biggie!!

He was a bit glitched for me too.The VIP count down timer reset back to 24 hours like 3 or 4 times but 2 days ago it finally hit zero and his blurred profile disappeared from the VIP section and I finally matched with him earlier today.