Night dino's


wht dinos come out at night.


Big predators mostly, but some small ones like raptors, dilos, and nundas are out at night. Majungasaurs, allos, gorgos, lythros, every now and again, there will be an epic to make an appearance.


General rule of thumb:

Daytime - herbivores, with very few predators

Afternoon - even mix. The preds start coming out.

Night - predators, very few herbivores. Some epics

At least that’s what I typically see along the game trails when I’m hunting.


Morning commute is common junk. Commute home a gold here or there but mostly the same common junk. 9 pm to 1 am the raptors come out and so do the blue and gold dinos.

Family driving vaca last week and spouse drove in evening 6 to midnight. riding shotgun and doing 70 mph on highways I caught 27 raptors and 9 gold dinos.


I see lots of velo and majunga, with some utah.

In my local spawn I see also triceratopo gen 2 at night.


Some nice info here:


Yeah, the first ones we get here as well at night, but not the Trike Gen2’s. Those are scarce here. You’re more likely to get a rare Trike.


I currently have trike gen2 al level 8, Rare trike al lev 10 with 476 dna ready to be fuse for stegoceratopo. :star_struck:
My stegoceratopo now is lev 12 and today or tomorrow I will decide if I will evolve her to keep fusing dna or level up t-rex / einasuco … There is too much at stake and only few thousand coins :sweat_smile:


I really don’t use my trikes, I’m trying to level the rare one up to be able to make a Stegoceratops hybrid. Those things are mean!


I’m pretty selective about which dinos I keep levelling, and which ones wait to get hybrids.