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Night Light 2 collection items gone?

On the first day the Night light 2 collection event was on, I completed a section fairly quickly. Yesterday I went to the collection and it had all erased and I had to start again. I’ve been working on it all day today and I haven’t received a single collection item in searches. It’s only been fish wood or eggs. I’m really annoyed because I really want her on Berk! Does anybody know what’s going on or who to contact to get this fixed??

Back when Hookfang’s Nemesis was recently a collection set, I had a similar problem. For about two days, not a single event item was collected in any bag, but in the days after that, I gained multiple items from the same searches and was still able to get him with time to spare.

Hopefully this is something similar and it gets fixed quickly~

Yeah I had the same problem, but I had collected 30 items so far and then every Item gets erased!
Please fix that bug

I’ve experienced the same problem. It seems the “early access for dragon riders” is really the “please report the problems we haven’t worked out yet” period. IOW, you’re paying Ludia to beta test their stuff.

(In the last collection — which, fortunately, was for a dragon I already had, and therefore wasn’t even trying to complete — one of the items was simply unobtainable.)