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Night Lights?


Hey, are there any of the Night Lights in the game? If there arn’t, a cool idea would be to put them in the game with each as a different color so you can have a team of the whole ‘Fury family! Just an idea, lol :3

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Yeah, I really like that idea too!! Ludia already put in the Night Lights in their other game, Rise of Berk, so it’s only a matter of time before they release them in Titan Uprising! They will be Event dragons though so everyone will have to get them by earning Trust Points.


However, maybe because they are smaller they can only be 500? Idk just a thought. . .

  • Toothless
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I would very much like this
But the thing is they aren’t shown to have adult forms, even in rise of Berk, so idk how this would work. But hey, we got a look at baby toothless, maybe we will be able to see some adult nightlights.
If they do do that tho I doubt they’ll decrease the taming points TwT.

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