Night Lights

I am a big fan of this game, I play it for a long time, but due to real life stuff, I had to stop playing games for a while, and I have a question. I’ve ended up after I collected first night light, is there a chance to get rest of them in future? Because… I get it, I missed a month or two, but… is there still some chance to earn it? I know I can buy them… but… 100$ for a dragon (15k runes) that will sit on an island as decoration is quite overshot, isn’t it:? Well yeah, I am not here to complain, I am just curious if I can still earn them, or if this is going to be just another one of my unfinished collections. Thanks for answers.

Soooo… will there be event in future to earn Night Lights again?

15k runes is more like $10… Never buy runes in the store; wait for special offers that give you runes at better than 1k/$1. (Note: the cost of “special offers” declines slowly and resets every time you make a purchase… so it will take a while, but it’s very do-able.)

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Most likely not since the addition of them was for the hidden world update. If you want them really bad you can do this: wait for a deal in the shop or you can get enough runes by grinding brawl leagues.

night light #1 search is coming soon( idk if u can see it i guess there is a 2 day early dragon riders benefit) !! but i already have him hopefully they bring back #2 and #3 too ^o^