Night spawns


At what time do night spawns start, anyone knows?


Somewhere between 9-10 PM CEST i believe; about 3h ago.


I always seem to see velociraptors at night time which is great for my team


Apart from velociraptors, majungasaurus and triceratops are there any other relevant spawns?


Just rares mostly; i see diplo gen 2, utahraptor and nodosaurus here. Maybe even slight increase in trex spawn but i can’t back this up really. So mostly just for the raptors and majung. Haven’t really tried night hunts not really going to bother with it for now lol. Just everything that spawns near my house. :sweat_smile:


I start seeing more raptors around 9PM PST. It could be geographically set based on your location.


I would presume that based on the international aspects of play, it may be that the same conditions exist at the same time everywhere. However, having said that, I might also suggest part of the spawning instructions may be in your individual game download, which essentially suggests I have no idea at all. Knowhutimeen?


Seeing more raptors here nighty as well. Not any during the day.


I’m not convinced, my “night” starts at 10 EST and ends about 6 of the same? Can anyone confirm that or correct me?


My time zone is BST, I’ll test tonight at what time night spawns start. Also, I understand that some aspects of the game might change based on location but at least start time should be the same for everyone in different time zones.


Went out last night and my area was loaded with predators!! :hushed: Definitely will be out at night a LOT more often as spawns of majungasaurs, raptors, etc was amazing. Even had a few TRex spawns along with a few other legendaries… Really nice


Allosaurus seems to spawn at night, takes the place of tarbosaurus


Thats odd. I have the opposite and allosaurus all over during the day today lol


Which makes me wonder if the servers that spawn them are doing it in real time world wide or locally based. No biggie. As long as I don’t have to beat someone in a foot race to snag some T-rex DNA I’m a happy (& slow moving) guy.


I have same amount of raptors at night as during the day. In my neck of the woods there’s no difference