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Night time hours

It doesn’t change to “night” in the game until 9:30 pm CST and is dawn at 5:30 am. I haven’t gotten up earlier than that to check when it switches yet. How many hours does it last and should it be longer? Hard to night hunt with such a small window.

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Sorry to bump this, but can anyone confirm how many hours “night” lasts? If it is only 6-7 it would explain why dinos are so crabby :yum:

It’s well balanced. In winter we did not have much time to hunt in the days and some of the most valuable epics were only available in the short daytime.

So, dart more in the day now and more at night in winter.

Not paid particular attention to timings etc. but it does change with daylight hours etc. so moving into summer night is just going to get shorter and shorter

Even now around a month before summer solstice I am seeing very little of night (around an hour max) so raptor and tarbo are going to become very rare indeed!

Should it be a set amount of dawn, daytime, dusk and night and not dependent on time of year or other factors? It seemed like it was getting later and later and glad that’s confirmed.

At an appropriate time I think with summer it should just be “OK, it’s 9pm it’s night” or when the sun physically sets, like in the last few days it has physically been dark outside, so night not twilight, but still dusk in the game.