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Night Time Hunting


I am overwhelmed by the amount of Giraffatitan’s I find! Does anyone else find way more than they want? I could use some Karpo instead. I usually find about 10-15 a night (Giraffatitan) and maybe 2 karpo.

Maybe I just really wish there was a better use for this dna above 4300 trophies.


There is always a use for a Dino.

With that said I’d trade you. Ive got a bazillion diplocaulus and no girafetitan I love that dino


I use to get giraffatitan in zone 4, mostly grabbing them on my way to and from work. Since 1.5, I haven’t been seeing them any more. I think they are now dusk, night and dawn spawns. I should see some as I drive through L4 dawn and dusk.

Instead, I’ve been grabbing the suchomimus and paras… or others I want and darting at stop lights, work or home when I get there.


My night time excursions usually go the opposite way. A couple giraffatitan, plenty of kapro.


I honestly perfer to hunt at night these days… the map is less of just one dino because their is tarbo and velo to break things up… and there is the kapra.


What are these karpo and kapra dinos you speak of? :thinking::wink:


I see quite a few tarbo, velo, and kapro when I hunt at night. My problem with night hunting though is the screen is so dark I have a very hard time seeing anything that doesn’t have a glow under it. My night vision is terrible. So getting my eyes to adjust back and forth between street light and my dim phone screen is a big challenge.

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I don’t know your phone. … But many phones have the ability to set screen brightness to maximum. And turn auto brightness off.

This will drain your battery much faster.

I see your name is stone cutter so I’d make the assumption you are a mason?

Many of your major tool companies will sell a clip on adapter to let you charge USB.

I’m a carpenter I use ridged tools. I went to home depot and bought for 15 bucks their charger.

It’s nice because most USB power banks have around. 5 to 1 am hour. A few have 2 am hours. But out tools run a minimum of 2 am hours many are 4 or higher and you already have the battery.

Hope it helps


The tools ur referring too are ridgid btw, and also no idea what a 2am charger is. But I know what a 2000 mAh (milliampere hours) charger is, assuming ur talking about power bank chargers


I have a 20000mAh anker charging brick. Even with the incredibly high battery drain rate of JWA on my iPhone 7plus, it can keep me going for hours.

I have adjusted my screen brightness, but for my eyes it doesn’t seem to help.


Yeah the drain is insane.

My wife is an optician. And legally blind in one eye… Doesn’t see well at night. I will ask her if she has any tricks or knowledge that might help ya.


Thanks. I had lasik on my eyes years ago and was told that night vision would always be worse. So it’s just something I have to deal with.


Yeah your welcome.

BTW are you a mason… Just curious


No. Just always used that name for games. And no, I didn’t get it from the Simpson’s episode. I was using it long before that. :sunglasses:


Lol cool. I’ve meet alot of tradesmen who use thier profession as game names. That’s why I was asking.

Lol forgot about the Simpson.


When I leave work I have approximately forty minutes left before the game turns into a night game. From that moment the game becomes very monotonous. Only velociraptors and tarbos (very useful both) appear, nundasuchus, Irritator gen 2, the four common by zone (enyos, suchimimus, diplos and majundas) and, very occasionally, Utah, Nodes, Tupandactylus and Kapros and the four nocturnal according to zone (delta, charlie, echo, giraf). It all comes down to that, assuming you travel through the four zones.

If I take a walk in my town that is all zone one, I know that I will see 55% of majundas, 40% among velociraptors, tarbos, Irritator gen 2 and nundasuchus and 5% among deltas, tupandactylus, utah, nodes and some megalo or dimetrodon. Never see epics but that is the same, morning, afternoon or night. The truth is that seme remove the desire to walk around playing and I only do it to capture velociraptors and tarbos that are never enough.

It does not seem very normal that existing 101 “findable” creatures I can only see 11 and that more than 90% of what I see is reduced to only 5 creatures.

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Hey stone I asked my wife she suggested reading glasses and a chat with your doc that provided the lasik.

We don’t know your age or any thing else but she said that if like her you ain’t no spring chicken no more that it’s normal for you to need reading glasses even though you’ve had lasik.

And she really knows her stuff. Sorry about that.


Yeah. I need reading glasses for most apps on my phone. But it’s very disorienting to wear them while riding in a car and playing the game, which is how I mainly play.


Yeah. Lol.

This doesn’t come from my wife but…

I was on anti seizure meds for a while… It caused my pupils to construct and dilate slowly.

I found that a light tinted glasses helped out with it alot. Might be worth a try.


Night hunting… “A dream to some…a nightmare to others”

Gotta love never seeing Rex, Brachi, Kentro, Pyro, Anky, Darwin etc. Would include Erliki but hell, I cant find that chicken in the daylight. Hate the day/night cycle.