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Nightmare on Jurassic Island



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I heard that. Check out my latest impossibility:

For as good as so many aspects of this game are, the PvE fights, the trace-the-letter Code 19s, and the inability to have all your dinosaurs out at once are real disappointments. I wouldn’t really care about the first two except for getting super-DNA and unlocking the Clash dinosaurs.




if it is really frustrating and it seems that even the roulette prizes are no longer worth it, since in the nine elite games that you play just take out coins that at level 75 are useless.

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Yes, most of the roulette prizes are worthless: coins or 5775 food. But when you do strike gold, it’s worth it. 40 dinobucks, any amount of VIP loyalty points, and the occasional aquatic pack… these are winners. Even the dino cards are worthwhile, since you can trade them in for good points. For all the things we don’t like about this game, the trade harbor is a real asset. Cheers for Ms. Diogo!


I know how you feel me neither sometimes even Indoraptor wouldnt have enough to attack or defend points

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I eventually sped up recovery during the discount promo and dispatched my dream team (for this set of opponents): indo 10, indo 20, eolambia 40. Got the win.
Thing is, I only have that many dinos who can withstand just one hit from that vicious bird (ptero). Amphis, sure, they’re great versus the carnos, but hey presto, there’s this birdy who ain’t tweety.

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Or the XP points, you may have meant. I thought I remember they used to pay you coins in lieu of having maxed out at level 75, but seems like that no longer happens. But who needs more coins? Anyone need some +8 shields? How about I trade you 100 for your indoraptor? Heck, I’m feeling generous, let’s throw in all 140.

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Hans, looks like yours needs the top 3 dinos to have a chance, including the tapy bird maybe in 2nd spot? Don’t see any amphis amongst your top few, coz those would do well versus the carnos with no disadvantage facing that herb. Things is, if you make a mistake like what happened to me, you either pay thru the nose to speed up recovery, or else give up and sulk. After I dropped 3-400 on recovery, I did pick up about 1000 bucks back via the spin wheels during the daily battles. Not sure if the system somehow ‘rewards’ you for spending on recovery? Interesting design if proved to be true (and we know who to call for that job, right?) :nerd_face:

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I tried literally about 8 times and burned out all my elite line-up before calling it quits on PvE. I want that super-DNA and access to Clash! I eventually gave up and played advanced and intermediate PvP. At least it’s fair. I have 1300 Sarcosuchus DNA, so I’m close to getting a Diplosucus. Oh, well. As for Clash, Edestus isn’t that great an unlock, so I’ll content myself with PvP. My hatchery already has enough to keep it busy literally for months.


I think we have all gotten the concept by now about matchmaking struggles. Since there are multiple threads on this, I just wanted to say that I’ve noticed the matchmaking being slightly easier. I also get the Ludia perspective of, ‘give them something to work towards’ as the rewards keep people coming back. Not being able to achieve the rewards, combined with the higher cost of more powerful dinos makes this tough and can loose players.

My method is working in my favor thus far… instead of having an set of strongest
Dinos, I’ve been building an army of evolvable dinos, and found the daily events easy thus far.

Also, compare the matchmaking on these two screenshots vs my strongest creatures.

Makes me wonder if I really want to push evolving everything.

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“Makes me wonder if I really want to push evolving everything.”

You don’t.

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@Han, I’d say your ‘sin’ was leveling up your indo minus Rex too quickly up to 40. If you had left them as, say, two 30s or four 20s, you’d be somewhat like Mr. Potato here. I’m guilty too, but with the indoraptor to 20. Strategy here on out is to narrow the disparity and spread the wealth (or health, attack, ferocity) and even things out.
And in the Clash, plenty of opportunity getting there. Yeah, the Edetus ain’t a big draw for me either.

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Hurray, 3-on-2 advantage, right? Wrong, dead wrong!!!

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I think I’ll skip both card-pack-missions today.
Ain’t worth the stress.
Will stil get to Clash in due time.

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I made a big mistake by bringing my indoraptor to level 30. From that time on missions became a nightmare. I do not understand why we are punished by ludia if we enjoy the game by evolving dinos that we like.


My Ripper is at level 10 but still the battle is too diffucult when the bot swich its Dino

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Now my opponents have health between 15k and 20k with an according attack power on a regular basis. I can only advise anyone not to evolve dinos…no wait…isn’t this what this game is supposed to be.


Good points, all.

I think I’ll take a break from PvE. Less super-DNA and probably no Clash, but I have so many other dinos already unlocked and so many cards to be hatched, I really don’t need to work myself into a fret to unlock more dinos. Just play what’s fun. True, I will probably play the game less (I typically knock out the daily missions in the morning as part of my wake-up routine), but it is a game after all. More time for good old console games! Remember when games came out of a box and you knew exactly what you were getting, and that it wouldn’t change from updates?!?

Besides, if the number of posts on this forum from people who’ve lost their game and get no reply from support for days at a time is any indication, this may not be a game worth sinking too much energy into it; one bad update, and it’s all gone!


@Tommi, I can’t imagine what you’re facing with an Indo 30. Mine’s bad enough with Indo 20. I’ve tried to close the gap by maxing a few of my VIP dinos to 40, and I still get nonsense matchups. And that’s between and Indo 20 and the rest. I don’t know if it’s even possible right know to bridge the chasm between an Indo 30nand others. Unless they introduce newer dinos more fierce or powerful than current jurassics, I’m not sure if even Obi-wan is your only hope. Coz hope (in this game only, I must say) is now extinct.


@Han, take a nice breather and find joy where it can be found. Deciding to skip both fights today actually felt great. No pressure to perform. The Dino graphics are quite nice, and I’ll keep the game for educational purposes.

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