Nightmare Reimagined 😈 | Top Rewards | Open Recruitment


Nightmare Reimagined | A Top JWA Alliance

Live out your dino dreams and become a nightmare in battle and hunt.
We are recruiting both tournament focused and strategic players for our five teams. Just a few spots open!*

:iphone: Communication simplified. Discord is not required so as long as we can get a hold of you through some other method for any critical updates. New team website is coming soon.

:point_right: For more information visit us, message NighmareRD#6539 on Discord, or DM us here in the forums.

:fire: Now recruiting for: :fire:

:bow_and_arrow: Hunters: (3 hunters needed) Dart 1000+ per day (a bit over 75 creatures a day), may not battle as much, but does their daily battle incubator and 10 takedowns for the tournament.

:dagger: Raiders: Must bring your dinos; we have the strategy, we have the team, and you have a non-carry dino. Bring your beasties, and we will bring the WIN.

:t_rex: Tournament beasts: You earn 10.5k+ medals during a 4-week tournament and 12.8k+ during a 5-week tournament. If you are a tournament beast, you know what it takes to get those top rewards.