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Nitro Thor Arena Hell

I already struggle with these, as they are so easy to level up, but with 2.2 Thor’s Arena buff, what in the world are the best counters to invest in?

Lania, Gemini, Max, Magna, Pho. Erlidom, Indo, Tryko, the list goes on.

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Erlikospyx. Its fast (and can speed boost past Thor), can distract, and even resists stun.

The Nitro Thor problem has more to do with boosts then Thor itself. Any dino can be nitro-boosted. Chompers just happen to be good targets because they already have high HP and attack, so all they need is speed, which increases at a faster rate then the other two stats. But without boosts, Thor needed some help.


The two towers Gem and Max get thrashed by these for me because by the time I get the speed advantage they are already slamming the final blow via instant charge. I find resilient don’t help me here. Currently my only viable counter is Monolometrodon.

All you gotta do is get them to even levels and they’ll crush thor.

I absolutely agree, but currently, the gap is so wide. So hard to level my Gemini, so easy to get Thor leveled up.

Yeah that’s the problem. Indo is just as easy to level but in every instance it has to use evasive stance or it’ll lose.

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Honestly thinking of making a nitro Tyrannolophosaur, but it’s that Instant Charge that makes all the difference. I really don’t want to fall harder in the arena, but I’m shaking up half my team right now and I’m going to have to come up with something.

Pick a cunning dino. Any cunning dino. Boost it a little bit in speed. All your thor problems will evaporate.

Rinex, spxs, monolometradon, tryko surprisingly, dilorach, dracocerato

The Tryko commments surprise me. Tryko’s armor means nothing against Thor, and if you speed control it, Thor’s Instant Charge will stun more often than not.

My issue right now is there’s no viable cunning creatures I could invest in quickly. I wanted Alloraptor, but it’s new nerf made it not be useful against Thor anymore. I would love to have Utarinex and have the Utasino components for days, but my Dracorex is level 6 and the grind for that DNA is way too hard due to the exclusivity. Erlikospyx I would also have to start fresh with. And I’m not a fan of Diloracheirus. I honestly am banking on creating Magna to team with my Monolo before it’s inevitable nerf, but then I will need to acquire something else for balance.

Even so, Tryko does win most of the time on even footing. Tryko can kill Thor between RI and DSR, IF it outspeeds Thor (which it does by default, which is what we’re assuming when we say “even footing” i.e. skill tournament stats). So all it has to survive is Fierce Impact and Instant Charge (where it’s armor DOES matter), which it can. Even if it gets stunned, it’ll still attack first the next turn and win. The only way I think Thor wins that is if it crits one or both attacks (which it does have a fair chance of doing).

You’re correct in all your assessments, but the point I was getting at wasn’t Thor itself, but the insane amount of boosted Thors in the Aviary and Library. Most of these Thors do outspeed Tryko and will crit more than anything else in the game.

That’s true. While Thor isn’t to blame for nitro Thors existing, they are nonetheless annoying to deal with. I’ve also seen nitro Maxima, even plain T Rex. I guess thats why it’s important not to give chompers immunity to decel…


Tryko is faster in a 1V1 so just scale that up to nitro thor and tryko now wins everytime

I simply do not have the boosts for that. A cunning creature is a more realistic option

Eh actually it takes more cause even if you do boost it to be faster it’s not guaranteed to beat

Thor’s “buff” isn’t even really a buff myself along with many others will probably debuff Thor now that he’s not good in raids.

It’s a huge arena buff. 1700 attack 4500 hp 40% crit chance and a priority strike. It’s easily the best pure chomper.