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Nitro Thor Arena Hell

Huge buff?? Most people only have it for raids now it’s not good at raids and it’s 4 turn damage output is unaltered.

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Maybe in Gyro or Shores but down where I’m at Thors are rampant

4 turn is unaltered, but 2 turn is higher. Since it usually tries to 2-shot things, this is important. And the HP is nothing but good for it. Maybe not a massive buff in arena, but a buff nonetheless. I still agree though that they should have changed it’s other impact to a rampage instead. It needs to have a group attack on turn one, and having a 2x attack that attacks all opponents seems tough to balance around, even with a delay.

Well max has a 2× that hits all opponents without a delay and a second 2× on top of that along with far more hp and only 10% less crit. They can take some of thor’s crit chance or his hp or even attack but he needs to keep that gsi.

Thats true, but Maxima has less attack too. And it doesn’t break shields with it’s group attack. My point is that Thor was mostly fine in raids before, it just needed a rampage for arena. It didn’t have to have a group rampage.

I agree with this it didn’t even really need the rampage just the hp buff would be fine.

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Yeah the HP buff is great. The Rampage just helps with it’s two-turn damage, to help with it’s two-turn damage.

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I was really disappointed as raids are my favorite aspect of the game and was gonna level up Thor & fully boost him to be a monster in raids then this came out and I was like shoot there goes my gold lol

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Welcome my brand new nitro diplotator
Very good Thor counter, can distract, is very fast, has a ferocious move to keep his damage up, very easy to get


They really should have kept his group impact but changed his dsi to a dsr, that would make him better for the arena as well as keeping its raid utility

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