Nnnoooooo! Ludia, where is the Erlik dna in the usual Gold Incubator?

Please, I’m just short of Erlidom, the 6 attempts won’t get me there… Was relying on your usual Epic Incubators but haven’t seen them all week… Help!!

Wrong day bud

There was one yesterday (disappeared 25 minutes ago) and there will be one tomorrow.

Yeah, that one was the Fireworks incubator, I was after the one that has the weeks featured epic dinos (Erlik and Proce) I haven’t noticed one?

That will be tomorrow’s (Sunday) Epic incubator

Oh… O.k. then… (I jumped the gun then… Lol) Cheers for the mention… (I can relax now.)

Be aware that the tower is lvl 24 Sinoceratops, lvl 25 Pyroraptor and lvl 26 Spinosaurus GEN 2

I think the two Epics incubators from strike towers are Pyroraptor(4.35% Erlik chance) we’ve done it. And tommorows fireworks is 0% chance. Sorry.

They usually have the Gold Showcase Incubator for sale, that’s the one I wanted to purchase, with Erlik and Yoshi, but todays special offer was just boosts…