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No 20 level bot teams please

Could I politely ask that you stop matching me against 20th level bot teams as I try to finish the ToM? I have 3 16th levels - the rest are 15 and below, and I have little chance. Of course I know you want this to take as many matches as possible, but for fairness sake please . . .


I agree the consistent matches against bots is perplexing. My heroes are level 16 and testing seems to indicate there is an unknown event count threshold when crossed limits all the bots at level 20. The only way to avoid these bots is to select “Wait” instead of choosing “Battle Now”. Unfortunately, as there are very few human opponents available at higher counts this wait can be cumbersome.

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My team is a bit stronger since I last posted. I have 4 level 17 heroes. I have beaten the level 20 bot teams but rarely. Today my record is 6 wins, 16 losses trying to work through the second round of the test of might. This includes 1 win , 6 losses against the 20th level bot teams. It is disheartening. I wish you could give me a fair chance - that’s all.