No 350 darts for 100 coins anymore?

I have not been able to buy them from 3 days and now they don’t even show in the store. Has anything changed?

Yesterday there was 4 of 350 packs on sale for me atleast.

It was glitchy before the switchover and had to restart but fine after that

Still don’t see them .bah only worked in the beginning. After that it never worked

Hey Mitul_C_Vaishnav, could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a look at your account?


According to my alliance and a recent forum post, no one on iPhone got this deal after the update.

@Ned Make sure you also tell Ludia that the extra darts (4X) is really appreciated (for those who can get them). There’s REALLY no reason to get out of the house. I guess the only bad news now, will be when all this will be over as we will have to get out of our coach and walk again!!! :slight_smile:


I bought 4 packs of 350 today. I have noticed that frequently the creatures on the map at time move very jerky like. I have to close out and reopen and then all is well. Perhaps more people are playing because of quarantines and such, and that is loading t Ludia’s servers.

I see the deal on my iPhone now, thanks!!

I see it now too thanks. Also able to buy them. But not happy for the last 3 days