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No Account Reset

4 days ago I sent a request to have my account reset for Warriors of Waterdeep. I have received no response from support since then. How long should I anticipate waiting?

@Zilleo. The developer has reported it will generally take 7+ days to receive a response from support. This may be extended slightly as similar concerns have arisen their most recent apps. I would expect you may hear from them later this week or early next week.


Thanks! I guess I’ll just have to be more patient.

Or you may never ever hear back from them. This is how they treated me and hundreds of others.

While I commend you on your positive attitude, I don’t think that it’s you. 4 days is too long to wait to get support! A week or more is ridiculous! I also have had to wait over a week. Another way Ludia fails us every day. Another reason why I consider hanging it up.