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No Ads available / ad system broken

After updating to the latest version I can’t get ads to work on speeding up hatching , training & legendary searches. When attempting to watch an ad to speed up said action I receive an error message saying No Videos Available! Try again later

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Same problem here. Can’t see videos anymore. Just get message to “try again later”. Csn hardly play more than a minute or two at a time now.

Same here, sometimes I get one video for training but that’s all. Can’t speed up TL journeys for the recent collection event. So frustrating.

I can’t get any ads for Toothless explorations/journeys at all. Same error “No Videos Available! Try again later”

I get ads, but only about 2 or 3 before no videos are available. It’s super inconsistent and I played the game a lot less because of it. It’s become more infuriating to play

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that there are no available ads for you to watch. Could I ask you to email our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to take a closer look at your account and provide more information.

Hey there Viperwings, the amount of Ads you get to see are based on availability in different regions/territories.This may explain why you might see more or less Ads at certain times. Our team is currently looking into the video Ads’ availability since there has been an influx of players experiencing this shortage. Thank you for reaching out to us about it!

The ‘watch video’ feature for 5 runes in Berk market is also broken! I am after watching 6 video ads and it was only on the last video that I received 5 runes.