No ads today


I don’t think that today I have got any option to watch an ad after spinning a Supply drop or when any battle incubator was in the last 15 minutes.

Am I the only one?, Have they changed something?


Not sure; i knew it was in-game a couple of updates ago but for VIPs the ad button disappeared long ago. Are you VIP or not? Don’t think they changed it for non-VIP.


No, I’m not VIP, still too early to pay so much for something that I might stop playing at any time.

Maybe it’s related to level?
I’ve realized that now I’m level 6, so maybe it’s an option only for lower players (despite the fact that specially high level players need much more resources to keep on moving forward)


Could be. It has been some time since i’ve seen any ad on supply drops!


I’ve gotten a bunch of supply drop ads - and when I watch’em, I get no extra supplies. Has happened a dozen times; only reason why I keep doing it is to log the bug.