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No AI after two losses in Sorna Marshes?

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Bug Description: No AI after two losses in Sorna Marshes?

Area is was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Lose two battles in Sorna Marshes
Step 2 - Expect to battle AI for third match
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Lost 6 battles in a row to human opponents

What type of device are you using: MOTO G5 Plus with Android 7.0

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
No screen shot needed. I was being match with AI after two losses yesterday. This appears to be a new development in Arena.


Just lost 6 in a row and did not get the battle AI after two loses option. I lost around 30 trophies for each match. Wining against AI gives 10 and losing to AI loses 50. I received neither of these trophy amounts.

Is anyone else in Marshes or below getting the AI option or is this no BOT battles a new enhancement? I was able to be matched with them yesterday.

Doesn’t beating AI give 0 trophies? AI option still comes up in aviary but I dont remember ever getting trophies when beating it. I assume you wouldn’t lose any if you lose to it either.

In Sorna Marshes and below we get +10 for winning against AI, -50 for losing.

It was an automatic option, we do not have a “battle AI” option button appear. After two losses we are automatically paired with it.

I have battled one AI since 1.8 went live and I’ve lost up to 10 battles in a row. Must be nice if it shows up after 2 losses. Lol

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It is nice and one of the reasons I stay down here. I do not have to waste a lot of time to get my DBI or to have an incubator to fire off. Get ratted twice, get Ai, get an incubator and 3 takedowns, go out hunting for fun.

I fall far enough, I basically win by default as my opponents can’t one shot me, I am that much larger. Win one, get an incubator and 3 takedowns, move on, go out hunting for fun.

I do feel bad for my opponents when I hit bottom trophy count. I am 5+ levels higher and many rage quit when I start one shotting their boosted entry level Legendary. I would think many feel I am an arena dropper when in reality it is simply where the game has placed me. But, it is just the way Ludia has morphed the game. I am going with the flow so to speak.

Same here. Last week I was around 4200 trophies now I’m at 3600. Only one bot.


Any word on this? Hopefully someone is in the office today and can give us an answer as to if this is the new norm or it is indeed a defect.

Down from 5350 to 4930 in 3 days :slight_smile: I didn’t win a single time, except the two times I fought an AI.

I can confirm that AI is still absent in the lower arenas, although I had the option in Aviary (I’m at 4,800 trophies).

I just played on my son’s level 11 account and dropped from Lockdown into Badlands after losing 5 in a row (trying to get an incubator) with no bot in sight. Current trophy count 2,441 after finally winning a game; high count 2,717.

I can imagine this could be very discouraging for newer players.

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This is one of the few thingd I feel Ludia has gotten right in the past… did they disable it so lower levels can fight 100% real opponents in their 5 weeks fight for 500 pyro dna.

Maybe Ludia just broke it… but i have a feeling they were just late turning it off for the seasons. Gotta turn off the one thing helping new player retention.

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Yet, I cannot see how it hurts the tournament standings having this activated in lower arena. You have to lose two to get that AI option. There is no button to chose it, you lose two, you get AI. Then, you only get 10 for winning against it and -50 for losing to it. So a win against it brings the user 10 trophies after losing ~60. They have to lose TWO MORE before it is an option again so are at even lower trophy count. If I keep winning, I never get the AI option.

I could win 5 right off, use that as my high trophy count. Then lose two, get AI and gain 10 Tophies. It gains me nothing in the tournament standings. I still have to win to get back to my high trophy count.

Basically, to get the AI option you have to be at a lower trophy count than what your high count is and you will not win enough to make that your new high trophy count. We cannot keep spamming a “Battle AI” button to gain trophies.

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Bumping this as I experienced the same thing yesterday, in low Sorna.

Lost two fights in a row, then entered battle again thinking I’d at least get my 40 trophies back. Turns out it was a real player. Lost that match too.

My incubator slots were full - could it have caused this? When I tried again with an open slot after two more losses, I got to fight AI as usual.

This happened to me as well. I lost to the same guy three times in a row, then battled another human. I had incubator slots open.