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No AI battle or countdown

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Bug Description:

when the tournament appeared a few hours ago on the battle screen I no longer have a timer counting down 30 second to my battle or the option to fight AI. I’ve had this issue verified for two other people as well. So 2 Android users and an iOS.
After 1 minute of searching still no option for AI.

Area is was found in:
Battle countdown

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- press battle
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using: Android Galaxy s9

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


The ai button is gone for everyone. (Just recently found this out myself). But if u wait for 10 minutes it will auto match u with ai and will award trophies

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So that’s what the “update” did today? Removed one of the few good things left (option to fight AI after 30 seconds)?


Assuming it was in prep for the tournament but it looks like it accidentally leaked into arena

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“Great we removed AI from tournament”
"Well done team! They are going to have a nice tournament! "
“Oh no players are still complaining… Oh apparently we removed AI from normal battle too…”
“So it’s either IA everywhere or no IA? How is that possible? Lead dev?”



There’s no more AI button at regular arena

Now it takes ages to find a match. I saw reports that somebody waits 15-20 minutes to find an opponent. That’s crazy! :angry::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Why you always have to break something?! Are your developers so **** bad??? Everything they touch breaks something in this game. I would fire them all for this.


There’s a battle AI button in the normal arena? xD never seen that before. I have galaxy s8 I want to add to this report.

I’ve never seen an option to battle AI ever. Not in the normal arena. Not in the exploited tournament. Its simply a thing that doesn’t exist.

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It only shows up after 30 seconds normally in the arena… ie mostly the guys at the top need it for incubators.

I think that fighting AI was the only good things after lots of terrible errors they make in patch1.7 and now they remove the only good thing from us, what the hell Ludia thinking. Now we have to wait for long long time for a match with over power dinos from the boost things that destroy the balances in this game. before this we can use good tactic to win a level team or higher level teams but now no tactics is need anymore


I see. But I’ve waited longer than that before. The fact that I’ve never seen that button not even once makes me think something is wrong. I’m sure it also helps do the 12 battles in daily without having to wait and use my time.

Ps: I think its mostly for tournaments

Pps: xd

It should not award trophies waiting 10 minutes or not. Trophies are exclusive to random player pvp. Not from friends not from AI.

Expect it to work in skill tournament.

If you’ve never seen the AI button in regular arena my question is: What trophy count are you at?


Seems Ludia overdid things again … now this time Fight AI is removed from simple Arena rather than from Tournament only :frowning:

I lost my full faith in Ludia and its development team.

BTW I am over 5400 trophies (not under 4000)

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I noticed the option was gone… and just started grinning.
At this point I’m like “What else can possibly go wrong?”
I’m actually impressed with Ludia in a very sick twisted way.


Spot on !!!

I agree everyday im like lets see what they messed up today…

I remember last week when I was saying 1.7 wasnt as bad as some terrible update launches ive seen. But i wasnt aware of just how long 1.7 would continue to break.

Its now leaving all other broken patches in the dust… and for second consecutive patches the main feature was implemented in such a broken way it had to be disabled.


These level 26 and lower don’t even belong in top 250 alone in top 100 …

And I keep getting matched up with same guy … Ludia you lost JWA completely

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All my messages are being automatically flagged …

The words used in the announcement actually sound like it’s intended/planned the way it is right now. They disabled the AI fully, in order not to have it available during tournament.

Would’ve made more sense to leave the button and fix the “awarding medals” issues. That should be possible as the AI (normally) doesn’t award trophies, either.

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Can a moderator respond to this? If this is the plan going forward I’m definitely leaving the game