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No Allaince Rewards in mail?

I’ve waited a few days, but according to the announcement, the old Allaince Rewards that we weren’t able to receive were supposed to come in the mail and able to be claimed until August 3rd. Me, and many others of my Allaince haven’t gotten anything in our mail that pertains to the Allaince Rewards.

Has anyone else had this trouble? It seems like this was ignored though

never heard about missing rewards? did i miss something?

There was an Announcement for it after the update. Many people couldn’t collect the rewards since the update happened during reset, which messed with the Allaince Rewards

It’s the participation bonus for the tournament (the one u got when u did your first battle each week at the tournament, 780 if u are in library). It was 2 weeks ago, a whole bunch of players who went in during the first half hour didn’t get the bonus.

Not that. I meant the actual Allaince Rewards. Me and quite a few of my Allaince never got to collect their Allaince Rewards due to the update.

Oh just more and more problems lol

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