No Animals under green drops

Since the game was “fixed” yesterday, not even a single creature spawned under the green drops. Does anyone have the same issue?

Screenshot_20210119-130226_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210119-130213_JW Alive

Here are two screenshots of it. It is like that since the game was fixed yesterday

@Ned @E.D i still have the same problem after update. My brother got it too

Hey Ack, I’ll inform our team. Thank you!

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Thank you for replying. There is another bug. Me and my brother did not get any DNA from the Camp Cretaceous strike today.

Could you and your brother email our team here at Our team would be more than happy to help you and your brother out. :smiley:

If you could include your support key and the approximate date and time of when you completed the Strike event as well in your email, it’d be really helpful.


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Just did that, thank you for your fast response :slight_smile:

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