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No anniversary scent tonight!

I have looked and do not see the anniversary scent anywhere!?!!

I’m confused too. There was one new strike tower in range and the incubator showed up as this:

I didn’t get a scent from it either.

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I am also unable to find a scent tower

I think they are definitely having problems. It was about 1 hour ago they had 2 new deals for Anniversary Specials with coins and green bucks. Looked like amazing deals…well very large amounts of green bucks & coins. Neither one of them had prices attached to them. I see they have taken them down. Hope they bring them back!

Yeah I seen the deals also couldn’t buy them disappeared. I played that battle thinking I was winning the scent and it was just dna. I’m highly disappointed! Was looking forward to that scent.

@Ned @Sara @Jason
Can one of you three inform the team? Thank you

This topic should be in JW Alive Bug Reports.

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Same here.

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Well based on the last strike tower error we should all put tickets in.

I did kind of mad about it stayed up just to get that scent since it’s a really good week

Hopefully they give everyone a scent because I don’t know if they can fix it in time

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As much as I want to jump on those deals I made the sad decision to check what I’ve spent on Google play. For April and May I spent $890. I think that’s it for a while. I want the coins and cash to level up some different dinos, but not after seeing that. These purchases have a way of sneaking up on you.

Pic on strike tower showed a scent but no scent given

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No Scent Strike here either. Here’s hoping this is the only strike missing this week…

I have logged on to the game and I have looked around and haven’t found a single supply drop with a anniversary scent and had a normal scent strike originally so. Also most of my drops in my range used to have battles on them and now I only have 1 or 2 battles

They did it again. Or I should say their servers did it again. Another missing strike.

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Same here, no scent strike … Maybe we all need to write a message to support again ? :wink:
I really would prefer scent, but 200 HC is better than nothing …

At least it’d get us what we missed out on this time. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

i found And won but no scent received

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There was no scent strike. That was small strike that had visual glitch (wrong picture on incubator).