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No Apatosaurus in our maps

In the daytime, none of the apatosaurus can be found in any locals! They have been disappeared in our maps from today!
What’s going on?

They changed spawn mechanism of some dinos.
I saw my first Apato today around Dust.

Only saw apato at dusk today. Useless Dracorex spawns all morning now.

Also not seeing Amargasaurus anywhere, long necks in general seems to be absent

I would take all the Dracorex people don’t want though, just not the Gen 2 :joy:

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While not today… i did dart two amarg yesterday one at a car wash in a l1 and one in a l2

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any longnecks at all today, not even Giraffatitan :thinking:

Today I found 2 amarg and I’m in L3

Perhaps they are all scared :scream: about the scary stuff coming out!

Poor herbivores always get the short end of the stick

You don’t see them because I called them over to my area.


Send them back!! I need them to fuse for Nodopatosaurus to then fuse for Stegodeus which the game almost never decide to pick for my battle deck! :laughing:

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2e994e47c36c5edc08e80ebe35dc9d50 too soon?:disappointed_relieved:

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They spawn now at dusk, by my luck i dont matter the apatos anymore xd

ive seen alot of amargasaurus today si they have not gone away.

It’s dusk here now and just saw an Apatosaurus. I ran out and dart it like there’s no tomorrow

How could you. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I think Apatosaurus must have been moved to Dawn/dusk. I used to see them aaaaall day long now I only see them at dawn and dusk.

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Yes, I noticed this too! Nowhere to be found where there used to be plenty, except yesterday evening I saw two :sauropod::sauropod:

Loads around at dusk last night

So I was right. I noticed that a few days ago but I was told that people see plenty everywhere. XD

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