No AR option in my device


Hi!! My friend introduced me to JW alive app and I saw that she have this AR feature that captures images and vids with a specific dino! I was hyped so I downloaded it immediately. Now, I’ve played this for several weeks but the AR feature still isn’t there.
Is it possible that it has something to do with the device? My friend’s phone is an iphone but mine’s android.
Please please respond. Thanks!!!


What kind of android is it?


Its only the latest models like Samsung s8 and s9 and similar that got ar. There is a list somewhere if which devices are compatible.


My bf actually only has the galaxy 7 [not even the 7+] and it works on his actually


Im running it on a s6 and it doesnt work, so Im going for what I’ve read.


It’s probably 7 and up then


I’ve got android version 2.0


I have an LG G6, and while it’s a little choppy on video the AR does work.


Check if your device is on this list: