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No boost sale today?

Hmm. Either someone is getting fired for forgetting to put up the sale, or they finally gave up on the game. Lol while I’m fine with no boost sale it is eerie not to see one today… I don’t like it.

Did you say eerie? Might be for Halloween. Since you know, that’s very spoopy

Hey Lannyjones7277, sadly, there is no Stat Boosts sale planned for today in the Market.

However, there is still the Stat Boosts Strike event today. :slight_smile:

If one of the employee forgot to put up the boost sale he’s a dead man to ludia


So it finally froze over…


I was going to say weird but eerie felt more season appropriate lol

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Probably stopping sales for 2.0 update perhaps??


Fantastic. I mean that without sarcasm.

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Just keep your cash for the next sale :slight_smile:


Crit and Armor boosts in 2.0?

It would be the perfect time with the whole revamp!

We can MAXX BOOST lots more stats!!!

Good. Keep it that way. It’s ridiculous

Just to (possibly) prevent another post like this on Sunday, are ALL boosts sales being suspended at this time, @Ned?

No information regarding that yet, Somedinoguy. Sorry about that. :sweat:

No worries, just trying to be proactive!

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If this is becoming a pattern, then it would be wise planning use of current boost in stock accordingly since 2.0 is still a couple of months away…

Dude, I literally just asked that. Read two entries above yours…

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Some are like that.