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No boost sales (anymore/for now)?

We just passed 4 p.m. CET which is when strike arenas reset and the boost sales popped up the last days.

No boost sales today, though. Is that intended? If yes, I’m fine - it’s giving our (ingame) purse some slack and more importantly: is slowing down the whole boosting crazyness.

I just wanted to know, if it’s correct.

Just noticed as well, no boosts sales. Is this intended? :thinking:

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I hope so we should only get boosts from daily incubators or the arena will become total madness in question on days and totally ruin the fun of the game


@Rctuga sadly the arena is an absolute madness already :weary::joy:


I am desperately hoping they remove all boosts, refund the hard cash spent on them, then mete them out in daily incubators and strike towers. THAT should have been how it was done all along.


That wouldn’t make any difference as it would lead to the same mess we have now, only few months later. Either all boosts should give your dinos up to 10% increase in attack/hp/speed or the speed one should be removed from the game and other two kept as they are or slightly nerfed (max 25% increase).

Ludia really needs to find more experienced management to avoid self destruction of this amazing game.


it is already too late :S the arena is a total mess and if they refuse to sell stat boosts from now on it will unbalance the arena even more


They always can adjust them or refund hard cash for the speed boost.

Just want to confirm, on Sunday we had the speed boost sale but not on Monday right?

Everyday since ver.1.7 update until 5/6, have daily boost sale.
The only difference is 5/5(Sunday) contain speed boost, others not.

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5/5 was sunday no? yesterday we had boost sale too no? ugh i cant really rememeber lol

It’s kinda like St. Pats week.
If you missed out it hurt bad

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Wow sorry my bad. 5/5 is Sunday.:stuck_out_tongue:
And last boost sale is on 5/6.

They’ve probably stopped selling them due the state of the arena, due the fiasco of the purchase glitch over the weekend, where certain players could buy quite a lot of speed boosts in one go.


yeah the arena is basically most people overelling thor, praying they get it and praying it crits. and if they do, it’s like them fighting against a fish on land.

and if they don’t then it’s like you’re fighting a fish on land :joy:

really messed up right now


The boost types available for sale are dependent on you levelling up creatures in a relatively even way. For example I know now that speed boost is only available to buy when u level up a Dino to tier 3. U then have to level up another to tier 3, before you can purchase another speed boost. It is similar I think with health and damage, but not sure yet what the tiers are. In this way you are forced to level up dinos evenly otherwise you cannot purchase. Stops people creating megasaurs too quickly

Hmm, you maybe talking about the boosts you can buy via the lab directly in the dino/boost screen. That might be right.

But I’m talking about the boosts that where available in the shop. They where available everyday since launch of 1.7 once per day (attack & hp plus speed on Sunday). Today is the first day, there was no such option in the shop.

attack boosts are just as broken as speed. because everyone uses it on dinos with rampages.

so if you boost attack, it’s up by +200. then +400 for a 2x ramapage, which turns into +600 from a crit. so if you do that 3 times, you’re at +1800 damage probably, while HP from 3 boosts is only up like 600 or so.

so there’s no way to keep dinos HP balanced with attack power

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Of course, I was holding off on buying them to see what they were going to do. You snooze, you lose, I guess!

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Now I can’t get them I suddenly want to buy them.

It works.

I think we get boosts from a tower tommorow.