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No Boost Strike Event today?

Am I the only one not seeing a strike tower with boosts that was supposed to appear today?


Nope not the only one. For there is also no strike until now. saw one when i left work, but out of reach and it was labeled as “Chinese Newyear Strike”. Whe i got one finally in range, i chose my team, hit the fight button but nothing happened. after restarting the game all strike towers were gone.

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There is a boost strike, punch the screen 5 times and it magically appears. That’s ludias fix not mine.

Hey DPG members, our team is aware and the event will be restored shortly.

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Thanks for the info, but sad that there has allways to be somebody complaining/asking about something. WHy can’t there be a notification from your side first, when something “unexpected” happens? Why just leave us hanging?


Now when you say punch, do you mean an actual punch or a metaphorical punch and I just have tap really hard?

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Really.are you sure. Are you sure thats a good idea. Just give us another one

Actual punch in a metaphorical way, post that a few steps of tap dance and Voila.

I saw the Strike tower … now there are gone

If they bring boost tower as stated, I hope they’ll also bring back lunar too for all those who didn’t do it in the 10min they were available…

Please refer to the event schedule.
There is no health boost tower today.


I had to take a screenshot of the picture just to edit it…

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I’m thinking it’s Wednesday also.
Expect booooost Hp.

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They had to remove the boost tower so as to not unbalance the game.


The players: “Where’s the Health Boost Tower?”

Ludia: “We assure you it’s out there, but due to being a more valuable Strike Tower, it has a lower Spawn Rate.”


I hope we’ll be able to make boost strike event before it’s terminated…

These are the worst weeks this game has seen so far -.- I just can’t understand why there is zero communication between Ludia/Teammember and us, the players. Where is the difficulty to tell us an estimate about when the strike towers will be available? Will it be tomorrow 5 minutes before they are gone again? Will it be today? Or just for the “Elite” who also got the chance for unlimited boosts in store to buy and to fight vs AI in the first tournament to gain medals? This is just absolutely disappointing how Ludia treats us, the community, us who pay for VIP, who buy those way too expensive incubators in the store, us who are buying hardcash in the store… I just don’t understand why they do this. Did they realize they have doomed this game and are just gonna let it die?

I have to agree with Blackbeard here . The communication is diabolical . We get a message halfway through the thread from a mod telling us they are aware . This is after proposed maintenance has been cancelled for what reason ?
Come on guys , why can’t you be more open .
Maintenance on the boost debacle has been cancelled because …
Strike boost towers aren’t there because … they will be back in … minutes / hours / whatever .

To be fair it’s been like this since launch. There has always been a communication barrier here.

1.7 is a hot mess but it didn’t have anything to do with the lack of articulation from the company.

Why don’t we have the boost tower anymore? I was looking forward to it as thats the only “fast” way to get your boosts up. After all, it says on the schedule today we’d have one…