No Boost Strike

Again, daily events are not showing up. Drove for over 10 miles in our town looking for the purported Boost Strike. I am not particularly a ‘boost’ guy, but I do like playing all of the strikes. What’s up Ludia?

I almost missed the Epic strike yesterday/today? Because it showed up after 10pm and disappeared at 7am. Not sure what is going on with the events anymore…

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Thanks @Marek for moving this to bugs. Except… Is this a bug? Or is this is the way JWA is set up now? It is certainly not a phone issue.

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I haven’t seen it either all day and waited for reset now to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. There’s about 25 towers in my current radius but haven’t seen boost strike tower either in the radius or outside of it…

With the epic strike, it had it on the schedule, but if it shares the same slot as a rare strike, for example, then it will happen in the first or second half of the day. The stat boost strike is available now

I did the stat boost strike way earlier in the day. One was right next to me since I woke up.

I haven’t seen a boost strike too. Sad

Maybe something to do with the pandemic? causing issues at office in term of schedule?

20 hours and no sign of the boost strike. It’s hard enough grinding boosts as a F2P player without this silliness thrown into the mix!


Boost strike has disappeared from the horizon and is now nowhere to be found. Also, plenty of supply drops could have been used, but are unused.

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Made a new thread about strike towers distribution: Is this balanced strike towers distribution?

You can see in video only one boost tower. There is no small strike that should appear after 12 hours. Trial is everywhere and and many empty drops, doing nothing. Really fear what will happen over the weekend, if they can’t balance two strike towers and a trial.

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