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No boost tower Saturday 8/1

Took a walk around the neighborhood and didn’t see a single boost strike tower. What’s up with that?

You’re in the wrong neighborhood :wink::face_with_monocle:

It’s there just few and far between…

I just drove 30 miles into town and passed about 300 supply drops and no speed strike either.

It is there, but very rare. I drove about 35-40 minutes around and found one (only one).

Yep just my wife just drove over 40km and I didn’t see a a speed boost tower this is bloody stupid as hell

We all know that nothing will be done about this as Ludia shut down for the weekend.

Meanwhile very few of us will find one and with the second spike of COVID-19 imminent or already apparent in many countries, to go out searching for it is absolute madness.

This is a very poor show Ludia.


So the one that was there is gone now and none in sight for miles so maybe they did do away with them :confused:

There’s only one that I can see and it’s in the playground again :confused:

I’ve traveled this whole area in black

Not even a distant sighting of the strike. But I don’t even care that much about speed boosts anyway, I use them sparingly, so I’m drowning in them.

Not seeing a single one here either. Asked in the GamePress Discord and some people had driven for two hours before seeing one while others found only one in their entire town. How does this keep happening?

It’s there. I got mine?

Clearly if there are a few out there, there will be a few lucky enough to get theirs.

Over all though, from what I’m seeing from my alliances, they really are few and far between.

It shouldn’t be like a lottery ticket where you only win if you are lucky enough though.

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I saw one close to my work and another one close to my home. I was lucky this time but clearly they are just a few out there…

No Boost Strike Towers for me either. Plenty of others, but not that one.

I finally saw one 11 miles out.
Had to trespass on private property, but I got it.

Saw one on other side of the bridge. Planning bike trip there in the morning.

This is become a detective investigation, to find strike tower. Which is ridiculous in current situation around the world.

Got it. :grin:

Not seeing it either, checked my entire town (300+ drops). :confused: