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No Boosts in Tournaments

I am sure many people would agree that boosts need to be removed from tournaments. Many of us do tournaments to escape the abuse in arena. Tournaments need to be skill based as well as advantage without the use of boosts. Boosts in tournaments suck the fun and the incentive to even attempt the tournaments. I am sure no one is affluent to the point they can sink millions of dollars into the game. Let’s make this happen Ludia and you will see an increase in participation.


I, for one, disagree. Arena has become a nonsense place full of overboosted monsters. I’d rather use my boosts to get an advantage in these particular tournaments, opposed to putting them on my arena squad. Of course there will be a time when these tourneys become just as much nonsense to me as the arena is, but for now, that’s my opinion.

I’ve noticed that since the announcement that we will get a boost reset in the next update, that every since creature I face in the Arena has been boosted almost to the max. It’s not fun facing that at all.

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I share the same sentiments.

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I’m already tired of this tournament. So many boosted prorats and indo g2

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It’s lame because boosted whales like indo gen 2 and procerata are used in the pvp tournaments against boosted ardentis and gemini, but the advantage tournament basically says “eh you don’t NEED counters to this boosted thing” so everyone who spent time and effort to get counters to legendaries and epics using uniques is especially screwed over when these boosted tournaments basically reward people for using lower rarity whales. It is no mystery to me as to who wins in these settings. It will always be the people who happen to have wildly overleveled or overboosted creatures of lower rarities on their pvp squad (or P2W people with so many boosts they can dump them into weird stuff). It’s stale, boring, and worse than the regular arena. At least without boosts you can rely on speed tiers if your levels are lower…the list goes on.

Also tired. second battle as a lv 29 boosted procerath. trying to get my 10 takedowns then bounce.

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Just got my 10 takedowns for both accounts, and that’s me done for the weekend with that!

Perhaps as time goes on I will begin to boost my tourney team.

The problem for me is that on one account I’m trying not to ever use boosts, and on my other my main arena team is still light on boosts.

Hey ho