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No boosts, still going strong

No boosts! Playing the game the good ol way. I hang around 4900-5200. Haven’t seen a non-boosted team in the last few months. I win and lose plenty but its very satisfying to beat boosted teams through skillful plays (granted I’m not facing the high level, high boosted teams).

I decided this when Ludia refused to go down on the price of boosts as well as the half only refund. Let’s not forget their ability to just nerf a Dino and not refund boosts. I can’t afford to keep my dinos boosted and if I wanted to try another Dino then rip half the boosts.

The game is easier this way for me and I’m proud to still be going strong!

Imo Ludia should make full free refunds at least every new update as well as give players the opportunity to refund boosts if their dino is changed (nerfed or buffed). I believe this is completely reasonable!

Here’s some pics of my favs!


I too have played unboosted except from the beginning. I never boosted anything. When boost 2.0 was introduced I was able to make it up to the library. I’ve stayed there the whole time besides a week or so ago I dropped to upper aviary. I’m back up in library now. I stay between 5k-52xx my highest has been 5300 something.



Nice team! Hoping to have a full team of 30s by the end of the year

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Thanks. I’ve kept the same team for a long time now ever since I got maxima to around 25 and I swapped out Diorajasaur.

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High five no boost team


I’ve been unboosted since 2.0, as well. This team keeps me in the 4900-5200 range and I’m okay with that


That’s awesome! If you get a chance can you check out the article in this thread and fill out the survey? We are doing research on boosts in the arena and would love to get information from those of y’all that are remaining unboosted!


Nice mix there!

I’ll fill it out!

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Filled as well

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Glad to see I’m not the only one, Been playing since iOS launch and running this team 100 % unboosted. After the boost reset and the insane cost to move up 1 Tier I said to Nah I’ll stick with this and see what happens lol I usually stay between 51xx-5500 , last 2 seasons I’ve been able to make runs to get into gyro but so many months now with boosts available I doubt I will get their again


Quite shocked by the sheer amount of courage in this thread.
You guys have a ton of will-power.

Hope you can keep enjoying the game YOUR way. :muscle: