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No boss at sight

ludia, pls do something, we want to do boss raiding, but none of us has it nearby

Hey, @Cl_L. Did the boss not appear anywhere in the map during the past 24 hours for you and your friends/alliance-mates?

too far from our homes or our offices, it was better, now they are too scarce to find. u can imagine, 4 people from different countries can’t get one nearby at our highly activate location!

I’m sorry to hear that, @Cl_L. While bosses do change and reposition every morning at dawn, we do not control the specific point in the map where they will reappear. I’ll make sure to pass this feedback along to the team.

just increase the density of bosses on the map. before 2 bosses a day, we could reach boss easily. now we have 2 bosses a day, we couldn’t reach any one. something was changed by …

today the boss spawn has improved! but developer’s reaction can be more swiftly… i can save 7 days being nervous. anyway, thanks!

It’s good to hear that the boss spawn location has improved for you! I’ll make sure to pass along this feedback.