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No calendar this week?

Please! Some of us look at that every week and pls accordingly!

Hey Padma, our Twitter page here has the calender posted for this week:

Why would you stop putting them in forum?

Please put it in the forums as well. I understand you want us to prop up all of Ludia’s social media numbers but not everyone wants to use Twitter or other platforms.

And while I’m at it I’ll ask for the fifth time that you post it by Sunday prior to the week starting.


I’ll poke our team on it. :slight_smile:

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Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but I already complained about this. Please post the plan here as I don’t twitter or book faces. There is a chance I am not alone. Thank you.

Thank you.

I noticed the calendar has not been posted yet. I do not use the social media apps. Concealing the schedule from similar users is yet another foolish decision. :roll_eyes:


I don’t twit.

Nor do I FB, if I can avoid it.

@Ned You guys got discord?

A very late reply. Sorry for the delay

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Hello Gpinsky1313,
The simple answer although not exciting, I don’t work on Sunday and the forums do not allow for scheduling in advance. Also of note, the Calendar next week will be posted on Monday on Facebook and Twitter but won’t make it onto the forums until Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday here in Canada)

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That being said, besides next Monday, If a calendar is not posted just @Keith and I will do my best to rectify it.

I don’t mind either way if/when it’s even posted on the forums like others do. But let’s get real, it takes how many seconds to simply copy an imagine and paste it into a quick post here on the forums? 45 seconds max?

I get that it’s your day off, but wouldn’t you want to appease likely hundreds of game supporters that are all looking to only you to help keep their hopes alive with regard to this game? There are literally people threatening to quit WoW daily, and all it may take is clicking your phone for a few seconds while making your morning coffee, to help them feel somewhat more respected. Are you that disenfranchised by your employer and player base to not take a minute out of your personal time?

Nothing personal, just a suggestion/observation.

I’m all for supporting you guys in having your days off but forgive my bluntness but this is a really ridiculous argument. If you can’t post on Sunday because you aren’t working, and let’s take it a step further and say the same is true for Saturday. Then why can’t you post the schedule on Friday? If you aren’t working on the weekend what would cause the schedule to change after it was posted on Friday and before Monday when people come back to work?

Looking at this response and your recent response about all the days VIP players don’t have any rewards to play for (but hey what about the rewards you did get weren’t they great?) here is my feedback to you. But first let me present you with an idea:

“When you actually listen to customer feedback or complaints you can actually hear what they are telling you they would be willing to pay for. In other words your customers provide you the treasure map to revenues if you simply pay attention.”

Okay, so here’s the bad news. You don’t actually listen to what we are saying. You read what we write but then you respond with your reason for why Ludia can’t or won’t do it that way. You don’t analyze what we want and then even consider the very simple ways, at no cost to Ludia, that you could provide what we are asking.

No calendar or a calendar not provided in advance for a game that is not so dynamic it can’t be announced a few days in advance is a very clear demonstration of the failure I am referencing.

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Wow… the player base for this game clearly as an overblown sense of entitlement. That 45 seconds you want them to.spend to spoon feed you a schedule you could do as well by clicking on the social media links literally at the top of this page. Bonus for swallowing your “I don’t social media” conceit… they offer free coins or gems EVERY DAY on those other sites where the schedule is ALREADY POSTED. I am not a big user of FaceBook myself… but I can check in daily for free stuff for a game I love.


This is actually helpful in understanding what motivates Ludia’s decisions. Seems they are marketing to the players like yourself who will adopt the behaviors that Ludia wants you to follow as long as there is a reward attached. Who knows maybe the increased traffic to those social media sites is what funds the game and those of us not chasing the free links owe you a debt of gratitude for having the game available to play. But I’m not motivated by trinkets and if I don’t get to see a calendar so be it but that doesn’t make me feel too entitled to suggest that on this forum where they have posted a calendar about 95% of the time without me asking them to do that it would be helpful to consider changing the timing of when they do it.

Sorry, Joseph, but I don’t understand why I should have to use any piece of software outside of this game and its official support forum in order to use the game the way I want. The links to free gifts are available wherever you check the calendar, including here on this forum.

If Ludia isn’t going to use this forum for what it’s intended for, then they should close it and tell players to go somewhere else for game info. It would save me time, as I would quit posting, quit following events in the game, and probably quit the game, as burnout is already catching up to me, and missing all the events might well be nails in the coffin.

Public service.

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Musical Interlude?

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According to the Twitter feed - a chance to get Calliope even though you can just get her anyway by levelling up and the majority of players already have her. Makes no sense.