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No Cenozoic PvP?

Idk if it’s just me but I didn’t see a Cenozoic PvP arena. There is only “Cenozoic Vs Land.” Why is that so? It would be nice to have Cenozoic only battles too.

It is the way it is… Maybe in future, Ludia would add this feature

Now the “land” option is gone too. It was there before. So we only have “Cenozoic Vs Land"? That’s really weird.

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That’s a level feature

Weird “feature”. Doesn’t make any sense. I picked up three Cenozoic creatures in a battle so that it would also complete the daily mission, and it matched me with all three land creatures, lol. Might as well remove the “Aquatic” option and make it “Cenozoic Vs Land Vs Aquatic”. That would be interesting. Lol.

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