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No chance to play against AI

When trying to battle, I get the 30-second countdown counter… Then after around 15 seconds, I get the “waiting for opponent” screen and the 1-minute countdown counter… Then my match times out… Getting an incubator takes waaaaay too long now…

Same here. I would really prefer to play against AI rather than player and get timeout.

Also till now lost a match and lose 40+ trophies and win and get less than 18 trophies and sometimes even 1 … Whereas the Dinos I win against are not low levels … Ludia overdid the things :frowning:

Its pretty broken for everyone right now early on my kids account at 2500… i got into a match as soon as the first dino died i got a timeout error… restarted app… tried to get back into the match. Only to have a new match start… first dino dies, error again, restart app, again get put into a new match.

Good times. After i won the third match i see i had defeated 5 dinos during all that so i really had 3 matches going at once.