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No chance :(


Don’t think I have to tell you I got battered :frowning: why is this person at 4200 trophies during tournament I don’t know…


This happens at the start of every tournament. every player over 4500 has been reset to that plus half of the trophys they had before reset so until they win more and get above us trophy wise you’re gonna see this a lot. Give it a day or two and the trophys/players should stabilise


I dropped way down in the arenas before the start.

It was that, or get dropped. I’d rather it be on my terms.


He probably dropped to lower arenas to farm DNA, prior to the tournament, and is now back on his way up… Happens…


Yeah was thinking something like that, the moment you get put up against that it’s just slightly frustrating. But no use lingering on it, just go on to the next one and keep on fighting :smiley:

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What really needs to happen is a better matchmaking system that pits you against similar-leveled dinosaurs on the opposing team, then gives you trophies based on THAT discrepancy.

That way people like me could compete at any time with any dinosaurs (I like variety so I switch team members frequently if I’m at the right level range), but also so people like the OP don’t get absurdly crushed when they’re at the appropriate level for their trophies.