No chests in range whole 360 view

None in sight here except for 1 in the distance

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There are very, very rare treasure chests to open. After a long journey found a total of only 6 pieces and as content always only 5 arrows. What is wrong here again.

40 mile round trip today since refresh, I’ve seen about 6 or 7, but 3 of them only gave me 5 darts!!!

Either me also. This is the worst Halloween Event EVER and the the worst chest box ever been maded. Do they expecting us to run 100 miles to get only 1 box?? Even within my own range also didn’t see any box appear, how do Ludia expecting us to find more outside of our range??? This game become more and more worst nowadays. Sorry to put it that way but yea, that’s how i feel now after the new version was released.

With several moveset changes from Mortem Rex and Skoona, still no Boost Reshuffle Event (well, can’t complain more about this as we can co-op with new strategies for raid) but weekly events such as this also become harder to completed? Hmmm…

Maybe Ludia is thinking the world is safe to walk around nowadays. Yea. Dinos are immune to Covid btw.


I wouldn’t mind the chests being so scarce if we could just get all of the content in there with one spin, to get 500 coin and have barely any chests available is so not worth the hassle


I would say it helps if you drive, but that doesn’t seem to help! I’ve dived out to the closest one a couple of times since I got back from my daily walk so I’ve managed c. 3.5k but don’t live in the best area so might not be able to again tonight. I suppose if it was summer it wouldn’t be as bad but that’s not the point. It’s all a bit of a kick in the teeth, particularly for non-paying players.

The worst here is you don’t know if it is done on purpose or if it is only negligence…


Distribution on everything was good for a long time – sometime around April 11 is when the previous major complaints died down. It was good from then up until around 2.11 hit and then suddenly got bad again. The green drop situation has improved somewhat this week, although similar strike towers seem clumped up again, and now chests are barely there. I have one in range (and I’m lucky, as I see only one other on the map) and my first spin gave me 5 darts – very disappointing.

Maybe the drops are dressed as invisible ghosts for Halloween :ghost:

Yes the have mods for the forums on the weekend. But the people actually working on the game don’t work weekends.

I think they have rarer spawns because they give more resources… which i think isnt very smart…

No, still giving mostly 300/600 with the occasional 1600/3200. If you get lucky you can manage to get close, I’ve got up to 13000/16000 max but I’ve had to dodge the rain & dive out in thx cold once an hour to do a 3km round trip and pick up 2 boxes. I’m currently deciding whether to bring forward a trip into the city centre to tomorrow to see if there’s more there.

It also gives you sanctuary resources…

Not had a single sanctuary resource, all cash except 1 pumpkin moaning emoji.

Seen none at all

Drove around and saw only 3… same issue with boa lobbies.

No chests here either! Which means I just lost 50k in coins (1000 HC)!
Hoping Ludia will listen to us and compensate.

Same here,when I actually find a chest it rewards me with 5 darts …

None in visible surroundings here as well. Went outside today so could open a few, but otherwise everywhere I’ve went the distribution was very bad.

They keep removing most of the supply drops within half a mile.