No chests in range whole 360 view

I just traveled 15 km, there were 4 crates on the way, one of them gave me 5 darts… I’m sad :worried:

I had to make two trips to max the first set of coin.
Not looking like I will max the second set. (Going to try though)
I think coin wise a regular chase would have been preferable to most players.

What would I have done differently if I were a Dev?
1.) Kept chest distribution the same as usual.
It’s an expected norm and most would expect MORE than usual for a special event if anything.

2.) Remove the 5 dart trick if distribution is going to be that low.
When distribution is this low 500 coin minimum would be more appropriate.
The trick currently is finding chests to begin with. No need for a 5 dart “Waaa waa”

I was happy with the FIP’s personally as that to me was the “Treat” and I didn’t expect to max it. I wouldn’t say no to more, but was happy with what I got.

I haven’t even bothered. Not going on a 5km walk every hour for 1-2 chests. It’s absolutely not worth the hassle.

Have walked 15km round trip today & barely got quarter of the way to max. Lydia have had half the day to do something about this with what would seem to be a basic coding change & give players a chance to at least pick up a decent amount of coins today but nothing???

Well Ludia is making it very clear that they want money which they dont get.
It is obvious.
First 6 days no greens.
Now today 1 Chest as far as I can see.
Happy that I cancelled Vip.
Ludia is not worth one cent.
Still no compensation for greens and for missing chests we wont get anything I am pretty sure.
Always at the end of a month.
Thats very obvious you know.
And we players are not stupid …

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So I filed a support ticket, they got back to me today with the following excuses:

1/ you can’t see any on your screen because you’re supposed to out walking around (40mile day trip to another isn’t enough apparently)
2/ if you’re only getting darts most of the time you’re probably maxed out.

No, I had about 4K gold collected and one FIP.


I reported this exact same issue, because at least two of mine did this. They told me I must’ve been maxed. Think I scored about 6k gold and 1 FIP in total. Classic Ludia.

In a couple of days they’ll apologise and give us a free DPG title. Seriously thinking about cancelling my VIP.

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This was my last opportunity to get the chests before they are gone at 10am. At least I had 1 locally but as you can see only got small amounts and not me of the items. @Ned drove all over and only found 3 chests yesterday day before resetting at 8pm. Normally at least I can take long drives and find chests to get the full amount but that wasn’t possible with only 3 chest found while driving.

The fact that Ludia does not comment on the fact that the treasure chests are faulty is very unprofessional.
Questions about the low number of treasure chests were answered with the statement that they could not influence that.
Why is there no reaction to uncomfortable questions and complaints? There are many players who spend real money here in the game.
I expect a much higher level of professionalism than is officially presented by Ludia. This includes, above all, ridding the game of constant and massive bugs instead of always extending it in a buggy way.
With the many bugs, JWA now has a unique selling point.

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That is kind of true (i think), about the uniques selling it is. Especially all Unique incubator which cost you 15K bucks to buy, and only grant you 100 unique dna, and of course you need to open 3 of those incubator to unlock 1 of those, thats even if you get the same unique over and over, which costs you 45K bucks

This was the best I was able to do. I drove like 20 miles and I opened probably 20 chests or so and thankfully got a couple 5k drops but I also got a lot of 5 dart drops, which feel bad, but I almost maxed out the coins. There were usually 3ish chests in parks so parks were the key. Yesterday I only got like 5k coins but I was determined to get more because I wanted to level up PhoruRex again

Hey DPG members, I’m sorry to hear that there was some difficulty finding the Treasure Chase on Sunday. We have brought this to our team’s attention and they’re currently looking into things. :mag_right:

Yeah. After everything is over. :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:
Thanks for the reply though

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Same here I got not even 1 near the park I go for walks to

Hi everyone;

I’ve been grinding and doing Hydraboa raid and I haven’t seen a coin case, Have you?

Hey DPG members,


FYI, of the 3 chests that i opened today, 1 of them offered 500 gold (all good)…the other 2 gave me darts again.

In the past, the gold chase only gave darts AFTER you had maxed out your gold, is this a new change moving forward? That only some of them give gold, and most give darts?

Too little too late. Canceled my VIP. Good riddance

Thank you @Ned

There is still the content issue though.

Opened 8 chests, and 2 had 5 darts only, and 2 had nothing.