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No coin and no DNA in the rare tower strike


Don’t know if this week’s event schedule states what’s in the rare tower incubator but it’s literally a badge and nothing else. Save your time if you’re not bothered about these

  1. that badge is adorable.
  2. that really sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re in to collecting badges and emotes then it will be a welcome addition. However, with what’s in this week’s event, I’m interested in none of the creatures and really just wanted the coin :cry:


Lame. Just lame

i also want the coin. and dna is dna. Hoping theres some communication about this.


Yeah, it really sucks

Yeah, another strike with just badge in it. Was one already this week.

Not sure why they don’t just give the badge in addition to the regular coins and DNA you’d get from the incubator. The badge is nice, but I’m honestly more interested in the coins.

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Well, I guess that rare incubator is useless… y’all don’t do this unless if you want the badge

Yeah exactly or don’t put it in one of the (super) rare incubators. One of the basic, grey ones would suffice

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You’re not the only one with this problem…

I didn’t think Ludia could get any lower in being cheap. I mean nice badge and all, but no coins or dna. What are they playing at?

Wait what? I didn’t even notice

Yeah, fairly confident every decision they make is now designed to shoehorn people in to the store

@Ned Is this intentional or a bug, that rare strike only give out badge without any coins and dna?

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Hey Dinotris, the reward for that Strike tower is only the Badge.


That sucks.

Ludia shouldn’t put in a 500,000 coin achievement and then start removing coins from strike towers. What next?

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Well, that’s disappointing. And a bit frustrating. those towers typically give out a nice chunk of coin. many players look forward to that. a badge is nice, but mostly unwanted if that’s all someone gets.


I’ll definitely forward the feedback to our team!