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No coins awarded for Battle


I went to do my first battle of the day and received a warning that I had already received max coins for the day and would not receive any coins for the battle. My last battles were Sunday night so I haven’t received any coins for battling since then so don’t know how I could be at max for the day (unless the new max is 0).


Yea I have no idea why they did that! They should allow people to continue getting coin through battling.


Just wanted to update real quick, the game reloaded and my next battle I got coins.

Some of the bugs are really quirky.


I had this notification yesterday and I know I hadn’t reached the cap (because I had been out with family that day and the day before and barely opened the game). I think it was a wierd glitch because it fixed itself a short time later.


I’m beginning to think the coins being awarded for the strike event cans are counting towards the battle coin daily (24h) count. I didn’t do any PvP battling in that 24h period but did alot of strike event battles.


Hey James_Simmons, thanks for reporting this. It sounds like it could just be an error with the alert if you’re still getting coins from battles. However, our team would like to take a look at this and see what might be going on. Email them the screenshot here at with your support key and more information so they can investigate.