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No Connection to game

After no green cubes now i am not getting into game…
And no ludia it is not me have full wifi …


Im in but can’t do anything


Same. Perrrrffect timing when I wanted to collect my weekly alliance incubators from last week, and do the 3 step orange strike from today. I’m losing out BIG.
Guess that’s what I get for waiting to after 10pm pat to have these activities count for the daily incubator.


Got the same issue, I manage to reconnect but can’t do a thing with my main account.

I manage to btl with my alt account, but I lost the epic strike because I was disconnected and raid are now overworked sanctuary.


This was affecting absolutely everyone, yeah. Nobody in my alliance Discord or the big GamePress Discord could load the game/do anything if they already had it open for a short while (purple wheel just spun forever). Now some people can get back in, and Android users appear to be okay, while many iPhone users are finding that when they dart something, they aren’t getting the DNA, and all their arena incs and the tournament button have vanished.

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I have android and dont get in :wink:


Where is gible community day when you need one


Nope. On Android currently. Keeps getting to 17/29 and then saying “We are having trouble connecting to our servers.”


Rip treasure hunt with 1 chest in range


Same…+ After restart i am stuck on reporting to headquarters

Now ludia has even gotten lost of control of their servers :joy:

Same problem, some players can log in, but they can’t do anything

Ah yes ludia swap in stunning striking us with more issues!


Yup I have this exact issue.

I’m on android and have been able to log in but when I try to do anything it shows me animations gives me no rewards at all and kicks me out (Supply drops, darting and sanctuaries) and my friends list and battle section is glitched too

I’m stuck at 17…I restarted multiple times phone game data wifi

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That has nothing to do with you. Ludia game always says it is our fault but it is ludias. Bugs bugs and even more bugs …

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I’m also stuck at 17… Android user here. Very annoying!!!


@Ned any ideas why game is down atm? 🥲

Same issue as most people however as well as not getting DNA/coins I am losing darts when I use the drone.
Reducing resources while gaining no rewards! Seems fair :joy:

Oh yes treasure chests gone😭