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No connection to Google Play

Hello! Two days ago the game couldn’t connect to Google Play. I accidently logged in as a guest and lost all my progress. I re-installed the game - it didn’t help. Still can’t access my game , pressing “connect to Google Play” doesn’t do anything. I wrote to Tech Support, no answer yet.

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Same here how do you fix it do you know how

My kid has a same problem. Could not connet to Google Play, just kicking it back tlo login method selection. This connection issue started couple of days a go when game got stuck and kid had to reinstall it. After that login with Google Play has not been working. While the same time I can login with Google Play correctly with my own account (even if I reinstall the game or clear all the data from the game). When I login with Google Play, it shows my Google Play account name and level in the notification, but when my kid is trying to login, it shows only that “Connecting to Google Play games” notification and then kick it back to the method selection screen.
My kids account is supervised with Google Family Link, so it can cause some problems, but all other games using Google Play login works correctly. So I think that problem is still in Ludia’s end…
Have contacted support via game (with my own account) and descriped the problem there, but no contact back there… Kid is quite annoyed as he can’t play with his cousins during summer vacation…

Same problem here! When I was in the game it suddenly kicked me out and I couldn’t log back in with my google play account, my previous gamer name also got deleted for some reason

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting into the game with your Google Play account. If you are still having this issue, please contact our support team here at so our team can take a closer look and provide troubleshooting.

If you have your support key, please remember to include it in the email as well.


I think I’ve resolved something similar in the past on Android by clearing Google ‘Play Games’ app’s cache under it’s app settings.

My Google Play reset routine is usually: ‘Force Stop’ the app, then pick ‘storage, cache’ and pick ‘clear cache’.

It didn’t solve the problem(( Still can’t connect

Darn. You could also uninstall then re-install Google ‘Play Games’ app. It’s a long shot to work but won’t hurt to try. Good luck.

I already have, its been a couple of hours and still have not responded

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Both of my kids games are doing the same thing. It started Monday. They open the game, select Google play, select their play account, it goes back to the main screen and sits there 1/29. We have tried all of the normal stuff clearing caches, reinstalling the game, etc. I also use Google family link and have gone through the permissions in family link and on their phones to ensure that all the permissions for JWA are on. Has anyone with this issue found a solution yet? My kids are bummed they are missing out on this week’s legendary events and the weekend tournament.


Guess the only solution is to contact ludia support, so we are kinda doomed since they are pretty inactive.

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8+ hours and still no response from an agent

ATTENTION! I resolved this issue by kicking my son out of the Google Family Link family. Then his game logged right in. The issue may be on Google’s end.

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Tech support answered and promissed to restore my account in 1-3 business days. We’ll see…

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Some hours later, and still did not get a response, but the problem seems to have been resolved already.