No counter for Stun

Stun works or it doesn’t. RNG at its best. Still stun has two variations:
1- creature can’t react but will be able to strike next turn
2- creature can’t react and is stunned this as well as the next turn.
Stun is a very powerful strike. Especially since more creatures have it and it usually goes in pairs (greater stunning strike & greater stunning impact or greater stunning strike & instant stunning strike etc etc)

Yet… there is NO counter. If RNG is on the stunners side you can easily get stunned for 2 strikes in a row and after a “strike”, “rampage” or “priority strike” the whole thing starts over from start.

Instant invincibility doesn’t work… you’re still stunned. Dodging doesn’t work… you’re still stunned. The only thing that works is having an immune creature but most of the time they suffer the damage and just miss the stunning effect.

This is unreasonable, especially since most creatures with an invincibility or dodge option have very poor health stats. F/I Smilodon. It can dodge/cleanse etc but if it receives a stunning strike it’s not only immobilised… it will suffer the next strike without any protection. Same goes for the stupid dancing dove… nice to have dodge as a priority move but what’s the use of it if you still get stunned? Same goes for the “swap in invincibility” creatures. Stun them (relatively easy as stun hits 99/100 times either with or without the damage) they’re wiped out on the next strike.

Now with Thor… being boosted to 143 speed (or higher) and massive damage… any creature will be either smashed or stunned and smashed. It’s rubbish. If you dodge a strike you can’t be knocked out it’s as simple as that. And invincibility means… you’ll never guess… you can’t be harmed. Well if stun still hits, neither strike matches what they implicate.

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Stun works as it should, except feature or bug that counter attackers can’t use counter two turns.
Stun never last two turns. What you describe is when faster dino uses priority move. As faster dino used it’s turn is stunned next turn. It’s the only way you can stun faster dino.

You can use faster distractors against Thor. You just need to boost their health.

Invincibility was never meant to block all actions. It’s shield against physical damage.

cant adjust creatures because of boosts though. i know thats not your total concern but you did mention thor. my creatures are mostly faster then thor so no worries there. i also carry 2 immune creatures which make instant charge useless. i feel the way it is now is neccessary and makes alot of sense. if you try to do a priority move when opponent does a stun or if you swap in then yes you deserve a hard stun. you just used 2 moves basically.

its all rng… just like if i use greater stun on indo but he dodges and my stun doesnt work…

and with invincibility… negative moves always go through… stun, bleed, distract etc…


Hence my final remark: the moves don’t match what they describe :wink:

As for all the explanation in the above comment: I KNOW… it’s not about wether or not the stun works as it should… it’s about the terms of the moves that don’t do what they should.

Also: again we’re talking about tiers and level 22 + and “boosts” now this: you’re in Arcadia, don’t have access to your boosts, yet Arcadia is infested with Sinoceratops (due to alliance missions rewards) that take priority, stun, instant stun and do priority… repeat…
Again: i know everything can be countered, if RNG is on my side I also counter the overboosted Thor’s and Rats… but is should and could be more (dare I write that word…) balanced :see_no_evil:

Stun is fine. The only people who think it’s overpowered are people who taking losing VERY seriously. Take this from me, a guy who constantly screams and curses at his phone in pvp.

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Yes. It’s weird that they claimed that they want to reduce RNG of critical attacks and dodges, but stuns remain untouched, which is also the most RNG based mechanic.

I think they can change it to only stunning direct attack actions. So that it is still a counter to counter attacks and chompers, but weaker to DOT and opponents can still use non direct attack actions.

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Exactly this :pray:

You can use IC or Invincibility, but you risk hard stun.
Stuns are meant to stun, no matter how annoying they are. Stuns, distractions, shields… are in game to make battles more interesting, more tactical, not one, two shot parties.


Stuns, RNG based evasion, critical damage and 1/2 shots are separate problems that need to be dealt with.

Having one or two shots phenomena in the game doesn’t mean stuns are good for the game, the same goes with evasion and critical damage, and that’s why they proposed those changes in this patch.

Stuns were already changed. Now they are changing evasive and critical hits.

Okay so you love the stuns, I think they’re too much of a disturbing factor for balance. I guess that’s why so many people have a love-hate relationship with this game and the people playing it are so various. Anyway, to my opinion too many creatures have gotten a stunning strike or even two and together with the (speed) boosts it’s become quite a virus. Again, this is not about 3000+ trophies as most already have a legendary or two in their team. But in lower levels Sino f/I can be quite a pain in the behind. And the more you level up the more stunned you get. Dodging, distracting or pulling a shield doesn’t do antything to stop it from hitting, only reducing or avoiding the damage which you’ll suffer the next strike anyway.

Stuns on their own aren’t a balance issue. There are plenty of dinos you will never use that have stuns as you move up the ladder. Why? Because the dino stinks overall. I see no balance issues with stunners as things stand now, stunning doesn’t seem to be an issue to face and will be less of one as most of them will be the last of the DC fodder now as folks move to tanks again I would guess. And yes there is a direct counter to stuns, immunity. Bleeding can also act as one.

apparently the changes didn’t successfully resolve their innate problems. Thus if they want to make their battle mechanics more consistent, stun should be reworked too.

Don’t love stuns. I found myself on both sides of stun. Instant charge isn’t tough to counter only in lower arenas. Thor is such o problem in higher arenas cause of Instant charge.

I don’t see the need to change stuns. Stegoceratops once had 3 stuns. Sinoceratops is counterable even in low arenas (dinos that have two turn slowing move, immune ones)

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i was getting crazy in middle arenas, thanks to paramoloch and stegoceratops.
so a member of my alliance suggested to have more immunes. so i changed to 4 immunes in team hahaha.

my current team deals fine with stuns now. i have 2 immunes, erlidominus and procerathomimus. AND dracorat.
when i got stunned now i choose if swap or sacrifice stunned dino to make opponent spend its predictable stronger move.

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This is a dumb thread, the counter is immune. The counter if changing guys. The counter is taking the got and having enough hp to keep fighting.

There is more strategy to get around stun than you would think. I remember being frustrated with sino & stun, then it was indo with dodge, now it is boosted thors. There is always a new troublemaker the more you move up. Immune creatures are 100% meta for stun or you can just switch. You can still do damage on the next turn by switching to a Dino with counter. It may take time to hunt for stun countering dinos but they are out there. Also, no dinos can stun their first turn unless it’s a swap in move so you have a move to prepare.

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Apart from your first sentence, the rest is actually quite helpful. Still trying to figure out why you took the effort to reply to a “dumb thread” though… but thanks for your input