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No dan una respuesta lógica o ponen el juego/They don't give a logical answer or play the game

Oigan si ustedes no nos dan una respuesta más lógica se querían molestado hay dos hay dos variables o que ustedes nos den una respuesta lógica o que vuelvan a poner el juego por favor pongan el juego o no den una respuesta lógica seguiremos deseando hasta que nos den una de esas dos cosas

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Translated From Spanish

Hey, if you don’t give us a more logical answer, you wanted to be upset, there are two, there are two variables, or if you give us a logical answer or if you want to play the game again, please play the game or don’t give a logical answer. one of those two things

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I do not get what you mean,not regarding the language,but the post

I think it’s about Jurassic Park Builder.

Get over it! We all know it was a great game,and it stood out to shine when it was alive,now let it rest in peace than in pieces.

@anon43877113 it might not be about JPB, I was just guessing it.

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A lo que me refiero es que quiero que nos den una respuesta o que vuelvan a poner el jurasic park builder

Translated from Spanish

What I mean is that I want them to give us an answer or to put the Jurassic Park Builder back

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Jurassic Park Builder is gone,we all know that Jurassic World The Game will go someday too,but I do not think that we will spam it,we played it for enjoying the game, so why spam it while it’s still there . You should try other options.

I hope JWTG doesn’t go at least within the next 5 years (it won’t, JPB left very recently, and JWTG is still making loads of money. If they close it within one or two years, Ludia will lose loads of players). I’m betting it would take at least a decade for them to shut down JWTG as it’s a very successful game.

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Well, one thing I know for sure is that JWA will go down before JWTG will,but this will drag along the fall of JWTG,because Ludia does not rob JWTG like it robs players of JWA,but when JWA falls, they will have to make JWTG like JWA. Imagine having to struggle with coins! The most easy resource to obtain in the game.

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I don’t think so, old-time players of JWTG weren’t given compensation for JPB’s closure. Only those who made new JWTG accounts were given $20 worth of in-game stuff, and though I belong to the new players league, I made the account in 2018 or so and left it there (Dang, should have played this instead of anything else back then!). So if JWA goes, I don’t think JWTG will change for it.

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Compensation of worth 20$ in JWTG,are you talking about the 5000 bucks the JPB players got?

Not sure, I didn’t get anything and I didn’t see what the compensation was. Since 2018 I always thought JWA was a heavenly game which was way better and popular than JWTG and had more players, but seeing the current situation, I’m pretty confident that if the closure is a choice between JWTG and JWA, it would be JWA.

I was surprised when I saw that JWTG has five times more players than JWA, in Play Store at least. Not sure in App Store. Even after the countless JWA YouTube ads I kept getting, even now sometimes.

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True,but JWTG rewards its players at times, I remember having gotten 2000 LP when I first joined the game in my previous account because it was New Years. I am waiting for the T Rex Mas, but that is ages away.

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JWTG may have its flaws, but I’m really glad that it exists, I would go insane without it as of now, also it’s the closest thing to Jurassic Park Builder (the old park section of the JWTG island is basically JPB’s stuff, you can see the remains of the old food harbours and the opening to the old aquatic parks, etc which make me so happy that at least JPB is acknowledged). Except the ones that don’t exist in JWTG, I have at least one individual of every JPB creature I used to have, except Acrocanthosaurus.

The Battles of JWTG are far more advanced than JPB’s, but they retained a lot of sound effects and animations, and the Sauropods’ (Apato, Shunosaurus, etc) animations and sounds are literally the carbon-copy of the JPB version. The sound effect of Acrocanthosaurus, Carcharadontosaurus etc of JPB can be mildly heard during the Sauropods’ special battle effect of JWTG. In a way, they have retained most, if not all, the elements of JPB.

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